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Agriculture Safety Management Software

Agriculture is an industry leader in automation. Long before automation came to other industries, agriculture has been using heavy equipment, irrigation, fertilization, and other efficiencies to reduce the labor, time, and materials required to produce food and grow crops. Given the obvious benefits of automating operations, KPA EHS Software is a natural fit for safety and training management.

Configurable Safety Software

KPA offers a full EHS management system for mobile audits and inspections, training management, equipment inspections, and more.


Any Time, Anywhere Incident Reporting and Management

KPA gives you and workers in the field the ability to report incidents and unsafe working conditions in real-time. Your teams can submit 

  • near-miss reports,
  • incident reports, and 
  • job safety analysis reports

Give your safety managers instant insights into potential issues before they result in a serious accident.

More About Incident Reporting & Management

Lousy internet service is no problem since forms and inspections can be submitted offline and uploaded automatically when connectivity is restored.

Assign corrective and preventive actions and track follow-ups. With KPA’s configurable dashboards, gain real-time insights into all of your critical performance metrics and compile the data necessary to make actionable changes.

Accessible, Engaging Training

Training is critical to the success of any safety program. With KPA, deliver high-quality online training to your teams in the field through the mobile app. Track completion rates and quiz scores and know when employees are nearing their expiration date. Add your existing training or customize KPA courses for a personalized learning experience.

More About Training

Take advantage of industry-specific training courses. And deliver high-quality online training to your teams in the field through the mobile app.  Track completion rates and quiz scores and automatically stay on top of expiration dates. 

Personalize the learning experience and tailor your training program to fit your business by customizing KPA courses or adding your existing training.

Equipment and Asset Inspections

KPA simplifies asset management and site inspections. Log inspections and schedule your equipment for annual, monthly, or custom inspection periods. Complete your inspections through a configurable form on the mobile app and report your findings from the job site in real-time.

Store and Share a Library of Resources

Customize, store and share a library of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and video resources. With the mobile app, your teams in the field can access: 

  • standard operating procedures,
  • employee handbooks, 
  • safety data sheets, 
  • emergency contact lists, 
  • client policy documents, 
  • and more

Multilingual Support

With the click of a button, each employee’s profile can be set to English, Spanish, or any of the other 100+ languages currently supported. Online forms, training, inspections, and all other components of the application can be set to translate into the employee’s preferred language. This encourages broader participation and inclusion in your safety culture.


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“We spent too many years falling in and out of equipment maintenance processes. KPA EHS has given us a sustainable maintenance program that can be confirmed at a glance at your phone or computer.”

- Capital Precast

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