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OSHA’s Top 5 Violations for Dealers and Repair Shops in 2022

OSHA’s Top 5 Violations for Dealers and Repair Shops in 2022

They’re rampant, they hide in plain sight, and they have potentially dire consequences for your people and your bottom line.

Is your organization doing enough to avoid the most common Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations?

I hate to break it to you, but the answer is probably not.

No matter how much you know (or think you know) about the most common workplace violations out there, it’s clear that auto dealerships and repair shops could use some help.

In the fiscal year 2022, OSHA issued hundreds of citations combined in the following categories:

The reality is undeniable: many dealers and repair shops are failing to adequately recognize and mitigate the greatest sources of workforce risk. Countless preventable incidents are occurring, causing needless injuries, illnesses, and—in some cases—deaths.


Dealers are paying a significant toll.

OSHA penalties can exceed $15,625 per violation—and as much per day for every day the issue hasn’t been fixed by OSHA’s deadline. The fine for a willful or repeated violation can be 10 times as much.

And those are just the direct costs. Organizations that don’t adequately address common workplace hazards can expect to pay hundreds of thousands—even millions—in indirect expenses such as the following:

  • workers’ compensation claims from people who have experienced injuries and illnesses
  • lost productivity during and after an incident
  • lowered workforce morale due to fear and uncertainty around risk areas
  • hours of labor spent identifying and fixing the issue
  • expenses of cleaning and replacing equipment that’s out-of-date, damaged or broken
  • legal and compliance fees
  • negative publicity and reputational damage

Of course, the true costs of a safety violation are incalculable. No one can put a number on an employee’s life. Suffice it to say, it’s in your best interest to bring your annual number of injuries and illnesses to zero.

Fortunately, avoiding an OSHA citation isn’t as complex or cost-intensive as many people think. Small steps can save you 6 or 7 figures—or even save someone’s life.

Dive Deep into OSHA’s Top 5 for Dealers

We’ve dug into each of the top 5 violations in further detail, offering practical guidance about each standard, signs you’re at risk, and how to improve safety and compliance. 

What can dealers do to address these common OSHA citations?

KPA safety consultant, O’Shaughnessy, CSP, when interviewed for Wards, had this recommendation for dealers:

Begin by Assessing the Hazards in Your Workplace

Whatever the scope of your dealership or auto repair services, it’s critical to the success of your business that you follow OSHA’s guidelines for workplace safety and remain in compliance with their standards.

To this end, you must begin by evaluating the current state of your workplace to locate areas where you can improve conditions for your employees. Compliance is an ongoing process, standards change, and safe operations are a shared responsibility for you and your employees every day.”

If you’re ready to transform your organization’s program, save time and money, and sleep better at night, KPA is here to help. Learn about our auto safety and compliance solutions.

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