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Audit and Inspection Services

KPA provides on-site facility audits and inspections with all of the on-site and virtual resources needed to identify, track, resolve, and report on issues. Our expert consultants leverage a robust database of OSHA, EPA, DOT, and state regulatory references to bring best practices and tangible recommendations to improve safety and increase productivity at your facility.

On-Site Audits and inspections

Working at your facility, your KPA Risk Management Consultant identifies potential environmental and safety risks. They help you determine the necessary actions to meet EPA, OSHA, and DOT requirements. This enables you to create a safe workplace and avoid citations and potential legal action.

Safety Committee Meetings

Holding regular safety committee meetings is an effective way to keep your teams aligned on your EHS initiatives and engaged in maintaining your culture of safety. OSHA mandates many businesses to hold regularly scheduled safety committee meetings. KPA consultants can help you gain traction by leading safety meetings virtually or at your facilities, logging minutes, tracking action items, and recommending corrective and preventive actions.

Risk Analysis and Loss Control

KPA consultants work directly with you to deliver effective strategies to manage risk and reduce the frequency and severity of incidents and accidents in your workplace.

Record Keeping

The success or failure of regulatory inspections often falls on how well a company’s managed its safety and environmental recordkeeping. For all the benefits EHS software provides, some data is just easier to store in paper format. Take hazardous waste manifests or PPE fit testing documentation as examples. KPA customers consistently rely on their consultants to provide EHS documentation best practices that keep their organizations out of regulators’ crosshairs.

When companies have a strong record keeping process, regulatory inspectors have one location for the documentation they may be looking for.  For many regulators, organized and up-to-date compliance documentation will prompt a less stringent facility inspection.

Remote Consulting Services

KPA offers many consulting services remotely—so you can have quicker access to KPA’s experts. Our consulting team is here to help you identify risks, build and review programs, and recommend corrective and preventive actions to help you maintain and improve program compliance. With KPA, your consultant will provide results, recommendations, and documentation of your remote or in-person consultations directly through our Vera Suite software.

Customer Spotlight

Learn how KPA customers are saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

You know, we just treat Vera Suite as a tool that is absolutely a necessity. I know that when we have had accidents, we’ve reacted quicker, we’ve reacted in a safer way.

Director of Fixed Operations, Kelly BMW

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