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Information Security Program

New data privacy regulations, such as the Safeguards Rule, continue to expand across the country. There is increasing liability for dealers as well as an ever-growing need to protect and manage consumer and customer data. Noncompliance can be costly and dangerous, and dealers need a full-service cyber security system in place to navigate the ever-growing changes and regulations.

KPA has partnered with a leader in the information security industry, SDP Compliance, to aid dealers in creating and supporting a cyber security system that addresses the concerns of the Safeguards Rule.

Sensitive Data Protect Compliance (SDP Compliance)

Sensitive Data Protect (SDP) Compliance are experts in cyber security risk management.

They start by conducting a thorough review of your IT systems and data privacy practices. They then provide both a written risk profile outlining areas where your dealership is exposed and a list of actions to be taken to remediate each area of risk.

Quick & Easy Cyber Risk Assessment

SDP identifies information security compliance risks within your existing cyber security system through a variety of tailored assessments.

World-Class Scanning Technology

SDP scans your Dealer Management System and other 3rd party software applications for hidden stashes of customer information – helping reduce liability.

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Benchmark Study

How Your Peers Graded Their F&I Programs

KPA’s study serves as an industry benchmark and helps dealers gauge their F&I departments’ regulatory risk. Curious how your F&I department stacks up with your peers?

Vulnerability Reports

SDP helps you map out the vulnerabilities that exist within your system, reduce threats with on-site penetration testing and firewall, email, and external IP address scanning.

Custom & Tailored Cyber Security Programs

From the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to Payment Card Industry (PCI) to Cyber IT Security Awareness (CISA/GLBA), SDP works with each dealer to supply a tailored and comprehensive compliance program that can include: 

  • Risk Assessment 
  • Legal Documentation 
  • Pass/Fail Vulnerability Reports 
  • Incident Response Plans 
  • Action Plans 
  • Updated Policies & Procedures & More 


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"They just give you straight information, whether it be buyers’ guides, windows stickers missing on vehicles. To have that outside perspective definitely makes a difference. We take so many things for granted in this business. Even an experienced manager can miss things."

- Jack, General Manager

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