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Phishing Simulation and Training 

Your employees provide the best security, and greatest vulnerability, for the private data you are responsible for safeguarding. Every employee needs to be aligned on the goals of maintaining privacy standards and protocols to protect private information – including customer data – as outlined in the FTC’s revised Safeguards Rule. 

Combat security and data breaches with email phishing simulation and training. KPA has partnered with Infosec to offer comprehensive email phishing simulation services and training to ensure you comply with the Safeguards Rule to protect customer data. 

Automated Phishing Campaigns

Choose from a library of 1,000+ templates updated weekly to build your own phishing campaigns or run simulations automatically.

Pair Phishing Campaigns with Microlearning

Every phishing template is paired with microlearning tailored to the specific attack. This allows you to automatically serve relevant, just-in-time training to maximize impact. 

Measure Your Cybersecurity Culture

Your cybersecurity culture is one of the greatest reflections of your security practices and a top predictor of employee behaviors. It’s easy to measure your phishing rates, employees’ attitudes and perceptions towards cybersecurity, and your security training efforts. 

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Benchmark Study

How Your Peers Graded Their F&I Programs

KPA’s study serves as an industry benchmark and helps dealers gauge their F&I departments’ regulatory risk. Curious how your F&I department stacks up with your peers?


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"They just give you straight information, whether it be buyers’ guides, windows stickers missing on vehicles. To have that outside perspective definitely makes a difference. We take so many things for granted in this business. Even an experienced manager can miss things."

- Jack, General Manager

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