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Disposal Rule: Are You Taking Reasonable Measures?

Does your organization collect personal and private information from consumers? If you do, you’d better be handling that information properly. You need to be clear about who has access to this sensitive information. And equally important, you need to dispose of it properly. No one wants to risk their financial identity with an untrustworthy business.…
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GLBA Compliance: 3 Ways Software Helps You Stay in Line

It is important for dealerships to be aware of their GLBA obligations around privacy protection and notices to keep in compliance. Automation can help.
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The Costs of Poor Onboarding: What You Lose When People Jump Ship

From “all aboard!” to “huh?”—poor onboarding procedures have a real financial impact on employers. Here’s what you lose when new hires feel unprepared. In the old days, before a ship or train would depart the dock or station, a conductor, captain, or some other official with a handlebar mustache would yell, “all aboard!” Apart from setting the…
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KPA Onboarding for HR Infographic
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