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Meet the Team at KPA

KPA provides Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and Workforce Compliance software and services for a wide range of businesses. KPA solutions help clients identify, remedy, and prevent workplace safety and compliance problems across their entire enterprise. The combination of KPA’s software, EHS consulting services, and award-winning training content helps organizations minimize risk so they can focus on what’s important—their core business. For over 30 years, KPA has helped 10,000 + clients achieve regulatory compliance, protect assets, and retain top talent.


We are Safety Stewards

We believe in working hard to protect our clients and help them achieve their goals. We take safety seriously and pride ourselves on staying on top of industry and compliance changes to make sure we are always providing the most up-to-date and beneficial support.

We are Proactive Partners

Our clients are our priority. We are not just responsive, but also forward-thinking. We help our clients avoid costly problems before they happen.

We are Dependable Experts

We see our depth of experience as a key differentiator and virtue. As recognized experts in the industries we serve, we work proactively to share the latest information when our clients need it most.

Honoring Our Experiences, Building Mutual Respect

At KPA, we strive to build an environment based on respecting our talented colleagues’ individual experiences and mutual respect for our customers and partners regardless of color, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Through the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), our mission is to make meaningful contributions to celebrate our differences and learn from each other, uniting in an open and accepting culture that acknowledges everyone’s physical, workplace safety, and psychological safety.

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