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All-In-One Auto Dealer Compliance Software

Vera Suite Brings Safety and Workforce Compliance Together

Built to serve the needs of EHS, HR, and F&I managers,
Vera Suite offers comprehensive auto dealership compliance software solutions backed by expert consulting.

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Gain complete oversight of your compliance processes

Centralized Control
Easily manage compliance across all dealership locations with one system for clear record-keeping, better dashboard, and up-to-date reports.

Compliance Made Simple
Automated, secure record-keeping and written programs ensure you’re always current with regulations, saving you time and preventing worry.

Data at Your Fingertips
Real-time data on tasks, incidents, and assignments helps you make quick, informed decisions.

Take it with you

Enhance your compliance management with a mobile solution

Access Anywhere
Train teams and manage compliance with a mobile app that works everywhere, making it easy to stay consistent across locations.

Updates in a Snap
Mobile updates from your team means accurate compliance at your desk, from inspections to audits and corrective actions, without any delay.

Cloud Convenience
Manage training and tasks from the cloud or on-site, then share information and updates easily across teams.

Hot Automotive Dealer Topics

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, staying ahead of hot topics is essential for dealerships seeking to thrive.

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All-in-One Integrated solution

Simplify compliance across all departments

Complete Solution
Our software integrates all dealership compliance needs—HR, EHS, Sales, Finance—into one streamlined platform.

No More Juggling
Forget multiple systems; our all-in-one software saves you time and money, making compliance straightforward.

Worry-Free Compliance
With expert consultants in house, we provide an added layer to compliance software, ensuring your absolute peace of mind around the details.

Dealer-Specific Safety Training

Stay ahead of compliance with over 400 dealer specific training courses and resources that ensure your dealership is prepared for any audit. Our training covers everything from hazardous waste to sales compliance, ensuring you meet all local and federal laws.

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Essential Dealership Compliance References

Empower your safety initiatives with our curated collection of resources designed to foster workplace safety, compliance, and risk management.

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Customer Spotlight

Learn how KPA customers are saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

You know, we just treat Vera Suite as a tool that is absolutely a necessity. I know that when we have had accidents, we’ve reacted quicker, we’ve reacted in a safer way.

Director of Fixed Operations, Kelly BMW

See how Kelly BMW runs a safe and efficient service center

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