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KPA’s Vera Suite® platform helps auto dealers maintain cultures of safety, streamline operations, and manage risk.

Vera Suite Brings Safety and Workforce Compliance Together for Dealers

Built to serve both the needs of EHS, HR, and F&I managers,
Vera Suite offers comprehensive auto dealership compliance software solutions.

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Identify issues, implement corrective actions, and remain compliant with environment, health, and safety regulations.

Streamline workforce management and HR compliance throughout the employee lifecycle.

Avoid fines and legal actions with Finance and Insurance solutions for consumer protection compliance.


Bring Safety to Your Shop Floor

Incidents and accidents rarely happen at your desk. Use Vera Suite’s mobile technology to access the tools and information you need, where you need it.


Dealer-Specific Training

Help employees improve job performance, lower risk, and stay compliant with KPA’s award-winning library of over 400 online, mobile-enabled, training courses.

Hot Topics for Dealers

Built to serve both the needs of EHS, HR, and F&I managers, Vera Suite offers
comprehensive dealership workforce compliance solutions.

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EV safety and compliance helps you prepare your facility, educate your staff, and maintain OSHA compliance.

KPA helps dealerships, develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive information security program.


Visibility Across Your Dealership

View compliance levels across the dealership through the interactive dashboard—and segment performance by safety, environmental, and regulatory status.


One System To Manage It All

Vera Suite allows your dealership to manage behavior-based safety, workplace compliance, and online training programs in a single integrated platform.

The Vera Suite Cloud removes IT headaches and offers unmatched security and performance—with SSO options that make access a breeze.

Take a Test Drive

See how everything works together to make your dealership’s safety and compliance program a success.

Customer Spotlight

Learn how KPA customers are saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

You know, we just treat Vera Suite as a tool that is absolutely a necessity. I know that when we have had accidents, we’ve reacted quicker, we’ve reacted in a safer way.

Director of Fixed Operations, Kelly BMW

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Here are some resources to help you build a better safety program.

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