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F&I Compliance Services

Limit your liability from the first contact to deal close. Protect your dealership from regulatory fines and legal actions with KPA’s Sales F&I compliance solutions. Our nationwide team of F&I experts help you assess risk and implement policies, programs, and training to ensure all customer-facing personnel and programs are accountable and effective.

FTC Safeguards Rule Compliance

The Safeguards Rule requires that financial institutions, including dealerships, develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive written information security program. KPA’s here to help your dealership comply with the updated regulations.

Learn more about FTC Safeguards

Deal Jacket Audits

Ensure your Deal Jackets are compliant and contain all of the proper paperwork with KPA’s deal jacket audit service. Your F&I consultant will review your deal jackets for compliant disclosures, signatures, credit application practices, and state-specific requirements.

Customer Information Security Audits

Protecting your customer’s information is critical at any dealership. Your F&I consultant will help identify areas of exposure that could lead to breaches and theft of customer-sensitive information.

Inventory Inspection

New and pre-owned inventory inspection services. Your F&I consultant will walk your lot looking for Monroney labels, buyers’ guides, and other disclosures

Remote Consulting Services

KPA offers many consulting services remotely—so you can have quicker access to KPA’s experts. Our consulting team is here to help you identify risks, build and review programs, and recommend corrective and preventive actions to help you maintain and improve program compliance. With KPA, your consultant will provide results, recommendations, and documentation of your remote or in-person consultations directly through our Vera Suite software.

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