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On-Site Training Services

Bring insightful and engaging onsite training directly to your workplace. KPA conducts research, creates presentation materials, answer employees’ questions, and offers compliance expertise and best practice recommendations.

Flexible online safety and compliance training.

Deliver high-quality, online training to your teams through the mobile app or through the web application. Track completion rates and quiz scores and know when employees are nearing their expiration date. Add your own existing training or customize KPA courses for a personalized learning experience.

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Onsite training tailored to your organization.

KPA certified EHS and HR consultants will lead your on-site training with materials specific to your state, your industry, and your business.

With on-site training, you’ll have access to one-on-one support and the face-to-face interaction that is proven to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. After successfully completing training employees will receive a certification of completion.


Training topics cover your critical risk areas

KPA certified experts are able to deliver over 100 trainings across a wide array of EHS, Customer Information Security, and workforce compliance topics.


Store all your onsite and online training data in one streamlined location.

Gain a comprehensive view of your training program’s performance using the integrated learning management system. Manage your onsite training schedule and attendance rosters along with your online training program.

Customer Spotlight

Learn how KPA customers are saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

We basically use Benjamin as our safety officer. The technicians hear not only from me, but also from an expert who we hired and who knows the rules.

Service Manager, Kia of Stockton

Learn how Kia of Stockton relies on
KPA to avoid bad days

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Future-Proof Best Practices for Workforce & Safety Training

As workplace environment advance and shift over time, training needs are changing too.

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Training Checklist

Establishing a thoughtful training strategy will help your organization reduce costs, generate revenue, and mitigate risks.

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