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Oil & Gas

EHS Software for
Oil & Gas

Whether your service company provides drilling, completion, fracking, flow back, O&M, or field maintenance, KPA provides EHS software designed to fit your practices and make your lives easier.

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EHS software tailor-made for oil & gas companies.

KPA offers a mobile-first workplace safety management system for the oil and gas industry that includes user-friendly inspection tools, incident management, training, reporting, and more.

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Flexible EHS Software

KPA’s highly configurable EHS software lets you tailor the system to your team’s processes, not the other way around.

Tailor your forms
Quickly develop and deploy EHS forms such as inspection checklists, near-miss, and incident reports with a powerful form builder.

Reporting and insights
Analyze your EHS data and take corrective and preventative actions. Configure dashboards to show performance measurements relevant to your business.

Designed for a mobile workforce
The tools and information you need in your back pocket. Access reports, training, and resources in the field.

Introducing KPA Flex EHS Software


Incident reporting designed for speed and simplicity

Get instant insights into potential issues before they result in a serious accident with EHS software for manufacturing.

Real-time reporting
Your teams can submit near-miss reports, incident reports, BBS, and JSA reports that give you instant insights into potential issues before they result in a serious accident.

Immediate notifications
Get instant incident reports through email or push notification so you can stay on top of what happened and begin taking action.

Flexible to fit your workplace
Quickly deploy pre-built safety inspection checklists from a library of 50+ templates.

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Equipment and asset inspections

Complete inspections through a configurable form on the mobile app so you can report your findings in real-time from the production floor.

QR code assignment
Because each asset is assigned a QR code, scanning and verifying allows team members to complete inspections in seconds.

Scheduled inspections
Set up and assign a schedule for inspections based on equipment or equipment type, frequency of inspections, expiration dates, and more.

Reporting and analytics
Run status reports at any time to see which assets have up-to-date, expiring, or already expired inspections.

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Multilingual support for employees

With the click of a button, each employee’s profile can be set to English, Spanish, or any of the other 100+ languages currently supported.

Language preferences & translated content

  • Online forms
  • Inspections
  • Training
  • Acknowledgments/sign-offs
  • Entire web application

100+ Languages
Encourage broader participation and inclusion in your safety culture.

Improve Efficiency

Contractor Management Streamlines Your Operations

Manage third parties while protecting both your business and your contractors.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Reduce paperwork through automation, centralized data management, and a dedicated contractor portal.

Reduce Legal and Financial Risks
Scoring and risk rating system preemptively identifies and mitigates risks.

Keep Safe and Compliant across the Board
Ensure all contractors meet established regulations before commencing work by using training, gate checks, and alerts.

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Oil & Gas Safety Training

Deliver high-quality, online training to your teams online or through the mobile application. Track completion rates and quiz scores and know when employees are nearing their expiration date. Add your own existing training or customize KPA courses for a personalized learning experience.

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Essential Oil & Gas Safety Resources

Empower your safety initiatives with our curated collection of resources designed to foster workplace safety, compliance, and risk management.

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Customer Spotlight

Uncover strategies for building a safer workforce with ease. Discover how construction companies boost efficiency and safety while saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

The trending is just incredible with the reporting inside KPA EHS. It gives us total insight on where to focus our safety efforts

Data Analyst, 3S Services

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