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OSHA Reporting

How well do you know your Occupational Health and Safety Administration reporting requirements? Can you name the differences between Form 301, Form 300, and Form 300A? How about the timelines for submitting each document to OSHA?

If regulatory paperwork makes your head spin, have no fear—the workforce safety and compliance professionals at KPA are here to help. We’ve created this resource hub chock full of OSHA recordkeeping and reporting best practices to help keep your head on straight.

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OSHA Reporting Checklist

Accidents happen. When they do, you need to record information quickly to ensure both swift action and proper reporting to avoid hefty citations and potential legal action. Use KPA’s OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Checklist to navigate the complexities of OSHA reporting.

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2023 OSHA Reporting Deadlines

Establishments with 250 or more employees in industries covered by the recordkeeping regulation must keep these two dates in mind:

Form 300A must be posted in a visible area of the workplace from

February 1, 2023

through April 30th of the year following the year in which the incidents were recorded. This year, that means your form should contain case information for 2022.

Establishments must submit information from their 2022 Form 300A by:

March 2, 2023

In a high-risk industry? Establishments with 20-249 employees must also submit your information by these dates.

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