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5 Safety Holidays to Keep Your Dealership Safe and Compliant

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5 Safety Holidays to Keep Your Dealership Safe and Compliant

While June is National Safety Month according to the National Safety Council (NSC), the month of May has five safety holidays that serve as great reminders to keep your employees safe and your dealership running efficiently.

Here’s what’s on the calendar for May. And we’ve collected a series of resources to help keep your dealership safe and compliant throughout May and beyond!

Heatstroke Prevention Day

This was on the first day of the month, but it is a great reminder for all of May and into the summer months ahead. As summer gets here sooner and sooner and each year gets hotter and hotter, OSHA has taken a particular interest in your employees’ safety on those hot days – 80-degree hot days, to be exact.

Use this checklist to curb heat illness and keep your employees safe all summer long.

Things are heating up quickly, and a checklist might not be enough!

Join us for our upcoming webinar Curbing Heat Illness on May 19 at 2p ET and beat the heat before it beats you.

Clean Air Month & Healthy Vision Month

May is Clean Air AND Healthy Vision month! And while this mostly emphasizes remaining safe around outside forces that could affect our eyes and lungs, your employees are working with all types of chemicals inside the shop that could lead to irreversible damage.

Read up on OSHA’s Eye and Face Protection Requirements and learn how to use PPE to protect your employees from the dirty air in there.

National Electrical Safety Month

It’s National Electrical Safety Month – and we think that should include electric vehicles. The EV boom is here and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, which means your employees need to be trained in how to safely handle this new technology and protect themselves from things like thermal instability.

We’ve collected a ton of resources to help keep your employees safe in the EV Resource Hub.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Sometimes safety isn’t all about what’s happening externally but internally as well. The month of May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, which gives us time to reflect on the emotional and mental challenges employees could be facing every day.

Read up on navigating Mental Health in the Workplace and learn how to build a healthy workplace inside and out.

These holidays are great reminders of how we should keep employees safe, but they don’t take the place of keeping your employees out of harm’s way.

That’s where KPA comes in! Leave the observances and celebrations to other holidays, and let us take care of your safety and compliance.

See why 8 out of the top 10 dealership groups throw out their safety holiday calendar and rely on KPA to keep them safe and compliant all year round. Check out the dealership demo center or set up a time to meet with our compliance experts.


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