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Toolbox Talks

Ready to make compliance convenient? KPA Flex’s prebuilt Toolbox Talk Software keeps safety at the forefront of your team’s daily routine, ensuring a proactive approach to incident prevention and compliance.

Toolbox Talk Software - mobile and easy to use

Engage with Ease

Instant In-field Training
Quick 5-10 minute talks equip your teams with safety knowledge before they start their shift.

Continuous Learning
Weekly topics refresh crucial safety information and best practices.

Interactive Tools
Props and real-life scenarios create memorable learning experiences.

Build Your Safety Culture from the Ground Up with KPA Flex

Visit the demo center to watch feature deep dives and see how the mobile app ensures your safety program’s success.

Check out the demo center

Toolbox Talk Software - easy to gather participant signatures


Demonstrate Compliance

OSHA Ready
Content tailored to meet and exceed OSHA standards.

Comprehensive Records
Document dates, topics, and attendance to demonstrate due diligence and regulatory compliance.

Current Content
Materials reflect the latest safety protocols and regulatory guidelines.


Simplify Safety Management

Effortless Integration
Easily incorporate Toolbox Talks into existing safety programs.

Accessible Resources
Utilize a well-organized Resource Library for quick material retrieval.

Real-time Tracking
Monitor engagement and effectiveness with web-based reporting tools.

Toolbox Talk Software - hundreds of topics to choose from

Essential Safety Resources

Empower your safety initiatives with our curated collection of resources designed to foster workplace safety, compliance, and risk management.

View the Full Resource Library

Customer Spotlight

Learn how KPA dealership customers are saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

KPA had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. “

Safety Director, Monterey Mechanical

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