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5 Secrets to More Effective Employee Training


5 Secrets to More Effective Employee Training

I’ve been working in the field of training and instructional design for almost 10 years, and most of it has flown by so quickly. But when I have to sit through a boring training presentation (ZZzzzz) — boy, does time crawl!

It’s happened to all of us: struggling just to keep our eyes open, let alone learn anything, as someone lectures on and on. I can tell you, looking out at glazed eyes and nodding chins isn’t much fun for the trainer either!

It doesn’t have to be that way though! I know firsthand that training can be engaging, effective, and efficient.

Here are some fail-safe pointers that have proven to be very beneficial for me, my employers, and the employees I’ve trained. Enjoy.

Tips for Better Internal Training Presentations

  1. Make sure your training materials pertain to employees and their jobs. Focusing only on relevant information makes it easier for your employees to learn and retain information.
  2. Permit employees to learn at their own pace. Allowing them to move more quickly through material they already know, and spend more time on material they don’t, improves both the effectiveness and efficiency of your trainings.
  3. Make information easily accessible. If employees can learn on their own time, when it’s most convenient for them, not only will they find the training to be less disruptive to their work, but they’ll also be more engaged.
  4. Limit time spent training to 20-30-minute blocks. It’s incredibly difficult for the brain to process and retain more than a half hour’s worth of information at a time.
  5. Identify exactly what you want employees to know and do after they complete the training. Use a knowledge assessment quiz or tool that’s based directly on your learning objectives to ensure employees have learned what they need to know.

Want an easy way to put these best practices into action? How about letting someone else do the training?! KPA specializes in award-winning training. We can convert PowerPoint training presentations into engaging and dynamic online trainings. Voila!

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