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5 Tips for Transforming Your Organization Into One of the Best Places to Work

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5 Tips for Transforming Your Organization Into One of the Best Places to Work

If you’ve never really loved your job, you’re missing out. But you already know that, especially if you’re at the wrong job right now. 

The right job—e.g. a job at one of the world’s best places to work—can imbue your life with meaning, minimize (unproductive) stress, and make you happier and more fulfilled. 

Plus, it’s fun. Yes, fun. Remember fun? It still exists!

Again, I’m betting you were already well aware of that. But did you know that the best places to work tend to see higher-than-average rates of employee productivity, retention, profitability, and more? Happy workers mean happy shareholders.

So, how do you become one of the best places to work? Researchers Bill Baker and Michael O’Malley ventured to find out, eventually leading to the publication of Organizations for People: Caring Cultures, Basic Needs, and Better Lives

Over at the Harvard Business Review, Baker summarized some of his and O’Malley’s work and conclusions from the book. He writes:

“The best places to work provide people with life satisfaction as opposed to job satisfaction alone. Almost all of the corporate founders and CEOs we spoke with told us that they built their companies with people in mind. To them, a healthy culture is as important as a healthy balance sheet. Their benefits go far beyond minimum wage.” Here are Baker’s 5 top tips for employers looking to improve their workplace cultures and become better places to work:

  • Put people first.
  • Help workers find and pursue their passions.
  • Bring people together on a personal level.
  • Empower people to own their work.
  • Create a space where people can be themselves.

Read “What the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ Do Differently.”

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