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Big Topics We’re Looking Forward To at NADA 2023

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Big Topics We’re Looking Forward To at NADA 2023

The 2023 National Automobile Dealers Association Show is days away, and we couldn’t be more excited. The expo is the auto industry’s biggest annual event, bringing together dealers, vendors, and expert speakers from all over the world.

We’re breaking out the cowboy boots this year, and if you’re lucky, you may catch some bad KPA renditions of line dancing while you’re there (let’s hope you’re not so lucky!)

On the serious side, looking at the education sessions on tap make me want to kick up my heels (sorry, my last bad pun – I promise.) Looking at the over 100 workshops, there’s an entire list of sessions that have piqued my interest.

EVs are a Hot Topic This Year

Beyond educational topics, NADA’s hosting an EV Solutions Center, running their well-received Exchange session Preparing for the Future of Electric Vehicles.

These topics caught my eye as well:

Key Insights Into EV Markets and Buyers

The EV market continues to soar. New models are being introduced, sales volumes are increasing and consumer demand is surging. Arm yourself with critical insights to successfully market to EV consumers. Do you know which EVs are selling and to whom? How do consumer profiles differ amongst luxury vs. non-luxury vehicles and various makes and models? Understand the current (and future) EV landscape, how the market segment is changing, and how buyer profiles are shifting.


How EVs Will Change Fixed Operations

The EV adoption rate is increasing. Should fixed operations departments fear the anticipated EV revolution? Uncover how service departments can remain profitable by focusing on customer service, consumer loyalty, necessary service work, and trained and reputable staff.


EVolve: The Transition to ElectriFIcation

The transition to electrification is creating unprecedented disruption in the auto industry. Dealers and manufacturers, with more than a century of experience selling internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, are forced to rethink how EVs will change their business. Charging capacity, electric infrastructure and production capabilities are often spoken about, but what about F&I? Join us as we identify future F&I needs and formulate a plan — with minimal disruption — to implement updated F&I solutions that will address both emerging EV and traditional ICE vehicles.

Speaking of F&I, there are a host of interesting F&I and general regulatory topics on deck.

Federal Regulatory Update for Car Dealers

Learn the latest compliance strategies and resources for managing a dealership’s federal compliance obligations. Explore preventing unfair and deceptive sales practices, key obligations related to credit and lease transaction obligations, new federal EV tax incentives, proper handling of motor vehicle refrigerants, and how emissions and fuel economy mandates will affect vehicle offerings.


Cultivate a Culture of Cyber Security

Given today’s risk of cyber threats, it’s imperative to embrace and cultivate a culture of cybersecurity to drive business success. Create an environment where cybersecurity is inherent in executives, board members, managers, and employees alike — so they understand attack methods and cyberthreats and play an active role in protecting the organization.


FTC’s Proposed Vehicle Shopping Rule

Hear NADA attorneys explain the new regulatory standards the FTC has proposed for motor vehicle dealers, the process used to create them, the NADA response, and the current status of the proposed rule. The discussion will include a review of compliance measures that are designed to address the FTC’s areas of concern.

Last but not least, I found some interesting Human Capital Topics.

Failure to Launch: Onboarding for Success

Turnover is a systemic problem that runs rampant throughout our industry, especially with your most customer-engaged employees. Consider that salespeople turn over at a rate of 67% and service advisors at a rate of 45%. They are the face of your dealership! How do we stem the tide? This session reveals easy-to-implement secrets for stellar onboarding that will prepare your new associates to reflect the best your dealership has to offer. Remember onboarding and training are investments, not expenses, and both are critical for launching and retaining successful employees.


Technician Retention Starts Before They’re Hired

The secret to retaining service technicians starts long before they are hired. Through the right combination of career path awareness, mentorship, skill identification, training, technology-provider partnerships and setting up modern work environments, dealers can build sustainable fixed operations departments for long-term success.


The Future of the Automotive Technician

The automotive industry is facing a technician shortage crisis. However, there is a silver lining for dealers: the rapidly evolving role of the technician career. With the expansion of EVs, growth in new vehicle features such as autonomous capabilities, and new ways to handle service such as using wearable tech and mobile service, the world of tomorrow’s technicians looks very different than today. In fact, who we hire to be tomorrow’s technicians may look very different. Master how to prepare for this exciting new world by recruiting and retaining techs in the shop.

The team here at KPA can’t wait to spend 4 days taking in all NADA Show 2023 has to offer.

We’re looking forward to learning about new auto industry trends and insights, checking out the latest technologies, and getting a taste of what’s next on the horizon. Most of all, we’re looking forward to catching up with customers and friends—and meeting new ones.

KPA will be exhibiting at booth 4433. We’ll be there to show off our EHS, HR, and F&I software and consulting services as well as answer any of your pressing safety and compliance questions and challenges.

And, before you go, check out the NADA Resource Hub. Here, you’ll find information on all things KPA and what we’ll be showing at the 2023 NADA Show.

See you there!

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