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Dealers, What’s Your EHS Program Score?

Toby Graham /

You don’t need me to tell you this, but auto sales and service are a risky business. Plenty of the risks your dealership faces (say, an economic downturn) are largely outside of your control. Sometimes, your only option is to wait and see what happens.

Other risks, however—such as the risk of an employee getting hurt or sick at work—are entirely within your control. In those situations, the last thing you should do is wait and see. Because when dealerships don’t have a handle on their environment, safety, and health programs, they usually don’t need to wait long to see what happens.

What happens is people get hurt. Equipment breaks. Workers’ compensation goes up. Workforce productivity and retention go down. Reputations are tarnished. The business faces 5- or 6-figure regulatory penalties, as well as mounting legal and compliance costs. Sometimes, executives and owners wind up in jail.

Meanwhile, dealerships with well-functioning EHS programs stay out of trouble, keep people safe and happy, and outperform their competitors.

Are You Putting Your Workforce and Business at Risk?

Are you keeping all your EHS risks in check—or are you checked out?

We’ve developed a free tool dealers can use to take stock of your safety program and identify any areas you need to address. Answer a few quick questions and we’ll give you an EHS Program Score to gauge whether you’re doing everything you can to keep your people and your dealership safe. You’ll also receive a detailed, custom report with recommendations for improving and optimizing your EHS program.

Ready to see how your dealership stacks up?

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