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KPA and Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association Announce Continued Partnership in Safety & Compliance

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Lafayette, Colo. – May 5, 2021 – Today, KPA and Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association (LADA) announced the continuation of a dedicated workplace safety and compliance partnership for LADA’s members throughout the state. As a LADA partner, KPA brings automotive-specific expertise across Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Human Resources, and Sales/F&I that can help dealers improve and maintain a safe workplace, reduce costs, and protect their reputation.

“We are proud to endorse KPA with a goal to help dealerships automate manual processes, increase productivity, improve employee training, and reduce overall risk. KPA combines their local knowledge with national resources to help dealers navigate the everchanging world of EHS, HR, and F&I compliance,” said Will Green, President of the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association.

“KPA and LADA have a long history of working together to help dealerships keep their workplaces safe and compliant,” said Chris Fanning, President and CEO of KPA. “Together, we can continue to engage Louisiana dealers on how to make their businesses safer and more compliant and keep their employees safe.”

KPA provides comprehensive workplace solutions to hundreds of dealerships across Louisiana. KPA offers a unique combination of Human Resources, Sales F&I, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software, safety consulting, and award-winning compliance training. This partnership will help organizations automate manual processes, increase productivity, improve employee training, and reduce overall risk.

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About KPA

KPA provides Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and Workforce Compliance software and services for mid-sized businesses. KPA solutions help clients identify, remedy, and prevent workplace safety and compliance problems across their entire enterprise. The combination of KPA’s Vera Suite platform, EHS consulting services, and award-winning training content helps organizations minimize risk so they can focus on what’s important—their core business. For over 30 years, KPA has helped 10,000 + clients achieve regulatory compliance, protect assets, and retain top talent.

About Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association

Founded in 1937, the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association provides products and services to enhance the operations of its member dealers. Over the years, LADA continued to grow in importance and value to the automobile dealers in the state.

The objects and purposes of LADA are:

  • Promote the automotive trade in the State of Louisiana.
  • Advocate a high plane of business ethics for those engaged in the motor vehicle business in the state.
  • Endorse and promote a spirit of cooperation among motor vehicle dealers and those engaged in associated and allied trades.
  • Encourage and assist in the formation of local and regional associations and to seek to merit their cooperation and support of LADA.
  • Conduct investigations, studies, and research as may be necessary and advisable to compile factual data and to gather information, the knowledge of which may be useful and valuable to the automotive trade toward improving the efficiency of its operations.
  • Promote the enactment of such legislation as will benefit the automotive trade and the public and to oppose discriminatory legislation relating to the trade.
  • Issue publications for the benefit of the membership.

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