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The Start of KPA EHS Software & The Power of Configurable Software


Geoffrey Cann, the host of Digital Oil and Gas podcast, spoke with KPA Senior Vice President of New Markets, Deren Boyd, about how he got his start helping oil and gas companies achieve EHS compliance and where EHS Software got its start.

After learning how companies were using paper forms and spreadsheets, Boyd saw a need to develop a two-way form of communication about what a Safety Manager is seeing and hearing at an off-site oil field with the home office. Here is where the EHS Software journey began. Boyd talked about the power and malleability of the software solution for companies to configure solutions for their unique needs.

For Boyd, “Safety is more than checking boxes, it’s more than if we’re buttoned up at the end of the day. It’s about people…we’re going to watch out for ourselves and our coworkers standing next to us.”

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