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What’s Your Winter Weather Safety Plan?

To maintain productivity and reduce injuries and time off, consider winter safety and create a plan for your facility. A little time spent planning can go a long way.

For your winter weather safety plan, consider things like:

  • Equipment Location: Where are the shovels, snow brooms, salt, wet floor signs? 
  • Employee assignments: Who should stay home? Who will do the following: plow, salt, check for slip mats, inspect areas, escort customers. 
  • Inspections: Will managers inspect footwear?  Will an employee be assigned to check a doorway each hour?  
  • Snow removal plan: Does everyone understand the process before the big storms roll in?
  • Employee Training: Does everyone understand not just the plan, but best practices for staying safe in winter weather?      
  • Communication of Plan Activation: How do we let employees know that we are activating our winter weather plan?

That’s a lot to keep track of! But KPA’s here to help.

Our unique combination of software, consulting, and award-winning training help organizations stay compliant with state and federal regulations and maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Winter Safety Toolkit

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Fall is ending, and to paraphrase Ned Stark: the cold season will soon arrive. (Doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it, huh?) We’ve collected some articles and resources to keep your people and places safe this winter.
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