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Broker Quiz: 9 OSHA Reporting Questions You Need to Be Able to Answer for Your Insured

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Broker Quiz: 9 OSHA Reporting Questions You Need to Be Able to Answer for Your Insured

As a property and casualty insurance provider, you’ve worked hard to establish relationships with your clients. You’ve helped them lower their costs, reduce incidents, and stay ahead of changing federal and state regulations.

Don’t let a preventable slip-up with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration undo all that work. The fact is that many employers are failing to report serious injuries to OSHA. If one of your insured gets dinged, there’s a good chance they’ll wonder why their broker didn’t warn them. 

Are you confident your clients are doing right by OSHA? See if you can answer these 9 questions:

  • What’s the difference between a recordable and reportable injury?
  • When counting the number of days away from work (or the number of days of job transfer or restriction), how do you quantify the day of the injury?
  • Does an employer need to keep track of injuries for temporary agency employees that are working at the employer’s facility?
  • How do you record an injury when the injury occurred in one year, but the employee did not have days away from work (or days of job transfer or restriction) until the following year?
  • Does a work-related incident need to be reported if the employee’s fatality, in-patient hospitalization, amputation, or loss of an eye does not occur during, but after the incident?
  • Does a motor vehicle accident on the way to work need to be reported?
  • Are parking lot accidents recordable and reportable?
  • How do you determine if over-the-counter medications are recordable?
  • If a company had no recordable injuries or illnesses throughout a year, does the organization still need to file an OSHA 300A form?

If your answer to any of these questions is “I don’t know,” you owe it to your company and your insured base to fill in the gaps. Even if you got a perfect score, there’s always more to learn and brush up on. This is OSHA we’re talking about, after all—the price of noncompliance isn’t cheap.

Join us next week for OSHA Reporting & You: a free, 1-hour presentation covering everything you and your clients need to know about this tricky topic. Space is limited, so be sure to register today.

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