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Building a Change-Proof Safety Culture

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Building a Change-Proof Safety Culture

The United States labor force comprises about 150 million people, millions of whom are highly prone to safety incidents. Every day, in industries such as construction, manufacturing, processing, warehousing, and others, workers suffer accidents, injuries, and—sometimes—death.

These lives are in your hands. As a safety professional, it’s your job to proactively manage potential hazards and risks in your workplace. 

If you’ve kept up with our series so far, you already have a strong foundation to do so. You understand the importance of a safety culture. You know the risks, such as worker fatigue, and how to address these risks by working together with regulators. You’ve learned how to calculate your safety ROI and communicate your cause to organizational leadership. You’ve witnessed the power of habits with real-world examples—and you’ve gained knowledge about the 5 habits of highly effective safety cultures.

Ready to put it all together and establish a safety culture that sticks? Look for opportunities to embrace these good habits:

    • focus on people, not just machinery
    • provide comprehensive training for workers as well as safety professionals
    • reward safe behaviors
    • consider using automated tools to report, track, and compile observations—so trends and scenarios can be identified and addressed before they become incidents
    • optimize systems for communication, from inspection and auditing to program support and emergency response
    • with policies and documentation, formalize your organization’s commitment to incident prevention, industrial hygiene, training, and compliance

Humans err. Processes break. Regulations change. But equipped with the right knowledge, perspective, and tools, any organization can cultivate a lasting safety culture—while boosting the bottom line. Remember: a good safety culture has a positive ROI. By improving safety outcomes, your organization can maximize worker engagement and retention, and minimize the costs of insurance, legal claims, regulatory actions, and lost productivity.

Now that you’ve updated your mindset, it’s time to update your EHS platform. KPA delivers EHS expertise online, on-site, and on-call, providing clients with a combination of SaaS-based solutions, training, compliance programs, and facility audits. 

Our clients…

  • strengthen safety culture and improve worker safety
  • cut workers’ compensation rates
  • minimize risk
  • prevent accidents
  • reduce non-compliance fines, penalties, and lawsuits
  • cut management time spent on permits and policies
  • prioritize risk and gain insight into liability across multiple locations
  • gain access to pre-populated regulatory citations to back up your findings for each issue

With KPA, you’ll get the control, visibility, resources, training, and support you need to track issues, avoid accidents, and reduce costs in real time.

So you say you want a safety culture? Let us help you change the world.

Genuine, change-proof safety culture is just a phone call away. To take a tour and find the solution that’s right for you, schedule a free evaluation with us. You’ll see how easy it can be to cost-effectively address your compliance challenges and keep your workforce protected.

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