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Can Training Courses Be Part of Corrective Action?

Can Training Courses Be Part of Corrective Action?

Q: Can we require an employee to complete an anger management course as a condition of continued employment in a written warning of corrective action?

A:  This depends on the type of course you mean. If you require an employee to seek counseling through an anger management course, you could be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Counseling could be deemed a “medical exam” under the ADA.

You may want to consult your legal counsel about how to inform the employee about the company’s access to an EAP (if it applies to your business) or other available counseling resources, as needed. For example, this effort could be an organization-wide communication.

Another recommendation is to have the employee retake a Workplace Violence Prevention training course. KPA has one available. You may also want to document all situations that occur moving forward with this employee and any other employees who violate your policies.  

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