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Come Celebrate National Safety Month With Us! Week 1 Focus: Safety Engagement

Come Celebrate National Safety Month With Us! Week 1 Focus: Safety Engagement

June is National Safety Month, and we are celebrating alongside the National Safety Council and thousands of organizations. Come celebrate with us!

Did you know that preventable injuries are the fourth leading cause of U.S. deaths? Join us in observing National Safety Month as we work together to highlight leading causes of preventable injury and death so people can live their fullest lives.

Each week focuses on a different topic:

Week 1: Safety Engagement

Week 2: Roadway Safety

Week 3: Risk Reduction

Week 4: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Let’s kick off the month with a focus on Safety Engagement.

Employee engagement in safety programs is crucial for fostering a culture of health and safety at work. Engaged employees are more likely to adhere to safety policies, reducing accidents and promoting a proactive approach to hazard identification. This collective responsibility enhances workplace safety, improves morale, and boosts productivity by ensuring that safety measures are both practical and effective.

Resources to Help Improve Safety Engagement

All About You: Harness team spirit to energize safety

We’ve written about it a bunch ourselves:

5 Critical Habits for Building an Effective Safety Culture

The Secret to Employee Engagement is Pride

And our Senior Director of Product spoke with us on the topic as well:

Join us next week as we talk about Roadway Safety.

Stay safe out there!

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