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Construction Industries

Safety Software for
Mechanical Contractors.

Ensure a secure job site by using safety compliance software with specific modules for mechanical construction contractors. Whether in the field or in the office, managing safety compliance has never been easier with KPA Flex.

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Safety software tailor-made for mechanical contractors.

Having responsibility for the major components that make buildings habitable means superior organization is key. Mechanical construction contractors count on KPA Flex to make safety compliance documentation second nature.

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Software Features

Incident management gives you jobsite visibility

Incidents can happen in even the most cautious workplaces. That’s why it’s crucial to be ready to handle them quickly and effectively.

  • Immediate notifications
    Speed up response times by capturing and reporting the critical data points surrounding an incident quickly, allowing for prompt protocol decision-making for your team to take decisive action.
  • Real-time reporting
    Share reports and findings instantly with
    the tap of a finger, keeping key personnel up-to-date and staying on top of every situation.

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Software Features

Mitigate risk before you begin with powerful job hazard assessments

No matter your technical ability or background, superintendents and foremen can easily complete job hazard analysis as well as access manage, and share any prior JHA documentation to better identify and mitigate hazard risks on the jobsite.

  • Simplify OSHA compliance and safety management
    Simplify the process of staying compliant with OSHA regulations and managing safety on the job site.
  • Boost Efficiency with Prebuilt JHA Templates
    Streamline safety compliance with our prebuilt JHA templates, designed for hazard assessments in mechanical construction. Efficiently pinpoint and address risks, upholding high safety standards with ease.

Software Features

Equipment and asset inspections

Complete inspections through a configurable form on the mobile app so you can report your findings in real-time from the production floor.

  • QR Code Assignment
    Because asset is assigned a QR code, scanning and verifying allows team members to do a quick inspection in seconds.
  • Scheduled Inspections
    Set up and assign a schedule for inspections based on equipment or equipment type, frequency of inspections, expiration dates, and more.
  • Reporting and analytics
    Run status reports at any time to see which assets have up-to-date, expiring, or already expired inspections.

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Safety training for mechanical contractors

We’ve changed the paradigm for industry-specific training by providing specific safety tips, explaining why safety is important, and tying it together with real-world scenarios.

  • QR code assignment
    Use QR codes to quickly access employee safety certifications, documentation, and training statuses.
  • Customizable training
    Customize training courses to match how you do business.
  • Reporting and analytics
    Assign training to your team and let the system monitor tasks and completion status. Track training completions and follow-up on overdue training

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Mechanical Contractor Safety Resources

Empower your safety initiatives with our curated collection of resources designed to foster workplace safety, compliance, and risk management.

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Customer Spotlight

Uncover strategies for building a safer workforce with ease. Discover how electrical contractors boost efficiency and safety while saving time and money, while building a safer workforce.

KPA had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a clickaway in one platform.

– Safety Director, Monterrey Mechanical

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