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COVID-19 Training and Your Workforce: New Research Unlocks Important Insights

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COVID-19 Training and Your Workforce: New Research Unlocks Important Insights

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced many U.S. businesses to put in place safety precautions they may have never considered before. Nationwide, offices, restaurants, and warehouses have been encouraged to follow the necessary safety guidelines in order to slow the spread of the virus.

However, according to a recent report from Safety and Health Magazine, nearly a quarter of all workers in a survey of 1,000 claim that their places of employment aren’t taking the necessary steps to address the virus. While most survey participants confirm that their employers have provided PPE (such as masks and gloves) on-site temperature checks, and sanitation products in their physical locations, 23% report that they were not given any formal workplace training pertaining to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Conversely, 84% of business leaders in the survey stated that they have committed to providing the necessary training regarding PPE in their workplace.

One major concern is the lack of trust and accountability between employers and employees, as well as between co-workers. Roughly half of all business leaders to participate in the survey believed that their employees would not follow the proper safety guidelines, a sentiment shared by 44% of employees when asked about the commitment of their co-workers in taking the same precautions.

The most effective solution requires access to the proper resources and continued reminders of what needs to be accomplished in order to keep those we share spaces with fully comfortable at work.

In April of 2020, OSHA published a comprehensive guidance for employers to address the COVID-19 pandemic, outlining the tools and protocols for those who require a physical location to conduct their business.

Is your organization doing everything it can to prevent the spread of COVID in the workplace while minimizing business disruptions?

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