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KPA Flex Glossary

  • Acknowledgment – a message sent from a KPA EHS administrator to part or all of their team. Acknowledgments may include attachments and require signatures.
  • API – application programming interface – gives your IT group to automatically import/export data from/to the KPA EHS system (see
  • Asset – a piece of equipment, trailer, truck, facility or anything else that can be inspected.
  • BBS – behavior based safety
  • CBT – computer-based training where employees take training/lessons on their computer or mobile phone
  • EHS – environment, health, and safety
  • Equipment – an asset like a fire extinguisher, trailer, truck, facility or anything else that can be inspected.
  • Field Office – the geographical grouping of your employees. Can be changed to match your own verbiage (e.g. project, location, region, building, etc)
  • Follow-Up – when filling out a form, an employee may assign one or more follow-up tasks to other employees. Follow-ups automatically assign tasks and pending follow-ups are shown on a status report.
  • Forms – a digital version of a paper form where employees type, select, add photos, sign, assign follow-ups, and more
  • FTP / SFTP – a secure online folder where large files can be dropped off automatically
  • Inspection – a form that must be filled out for a specific asset periodically (e.g. a monthly fire extinguisher inspection)
  • HSE – health, safety, and environment
  • Lesson – a computer-based training (CBT) where the employee reads text, listens to videos and narration, and takes a quiz to satisfy a training requirement
  • Line of Business – the type of work that a team member is involved in (e.g. trucking, flowback, hr, etc). Can be reworded to match your company’s preferences.
  • Matrix (Training) – a spreadsheet with one row for each employee and one column for each training. Each cell lists the status for that employee’s training
  • Report – can mean a form that employees fill out online, a specific form response, or a system generated spreadsheet/pdf
  • SSO – single sign-on is the ability to login to KPA EHS using another service such as Gmail
  • Training – a requirement that some or all employees must complete a lesson or certification at a pre-scripted interval
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