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More Engaging Employee Communications? Yes, Please

Engaging Communications

More Engaging Employee Communications? Yes, Please

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the course of my 16-year career in marketing, it’s that less is more when it comes to communication. The same adage applies to internal communication too!

Trim the Fat
With some thoughtful editing, you can probably cut your internal messages by as much as 50%. Eliminate redundant phrases and anything that seems “fluffy” or excessive.

How to edit so that your content is more readable

Common Employee Communication Mistakes Employers Make
In addition to many internal communications going on for far too long, they may exhibit these other pitfalls.

  • Relying primarily on email for all employee communications
  • Sending from a generic email address
  • Having messages that are too text heavy
  • Sending message too frequently
  • Being unwilling to spice up messages
  • Not including any visuals

The culmination of all of these factors is why many employees ignore your messages or simply can’t remember them in the sea of other coworker and company communications.

Crafting Engaging Communications
You may benefit from using the same type of communications that you use for clients and prospects for your employees.

In thinking like a marketer, you may naturally be more strategic with your employee communications, incorporate more visual elements, or try different formats, such as video, Workplace by Facebook, or chat.

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