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Enough is Enough: Combating Sexual Harassment is a Team Effort

Sexual Harassment

Enough is Enough: Combating Sexual Harassment is a Team Effort

As a woman and a professional, my stomach is in knots with all the news about Harvey Weinstein and the various other “creeps” in the news these days.

Automotive News recently conducted Project XX, a survey of 900+ women at all levels and in all segments of the auto industry. The results were jaw dropping, and likely offer a glimpse into other industries as well.

  • Sexism is alive and well
  • 55% of women reported being asked inappropriate or illegal interview questions.
  • 84% of female workers have heard demeaning comments from men
  • Even if women have executive titles, 64% said they’re still expected to conduct lower-level tasks, such as watering the office plants.
  • 25% felt that they were in danger at work
  • 57% said they missed social and networking outings because of their gender — some networking still happens at strip clubs.
  • 65% of female respondents said they’ve endured unwanted sexual advances from bosses, colleagues, and customers.

My reaction? I want to scream, “Enough already!”, from the Colorado mountaintops where KPA is headquartered.

Alas, a more effective approach is to get after it… To educate the masses on what is and is not OK. And, we need everyone’s compliant participation, enforcement, and support. The good guys have a role too!

Tips for a Better Workplace
Below are some ideas from a recent CNBC blog post, “5 Ways Men Can Address — and Help Prevent —Sexual Harassment at Work.” They’re not the whole solution, of course, but they’re a step in the right direction.

  • Talk to the person being harassed in private. Are they OK? How can you help?
  • Be an upstander, not a bystander. If you see something, say something — this includes anyone who witnesses inappropriate behavior.
  • Correct harassers even when women aren’t there.
  • Ask the important women in your life how they feel about this issue.
  • Seek out sexual harassment training.

Certainly, one thing that makes me feel better is being part of the solution!

KPA proactively offers robust sexual harassment training. And, through our HR consulting services, clients can receive professional help with onsite anti-harassment training, investigations, and affirmative action plans.

Be part of the solution too! (The alternative is terrible for business.)

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