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Reach Your ESG Goals with KPA

ESG has emerged as one of the most critical areas for effectively running an organization and attracting investment across the globe. What is ESG? Short for Environmental, Social, and Governance, ESG criteria are a set of standards for a company’s operations that investors use to screen potential investments through a socially conscious lens.

And here’s what it’s not.

According to McKinsey, “The magnitude of investment flow suggests that ESG is much more than a fad or a feel-good exercise.”

KPA’s here to help by providing consulting, software, and training to align with your ESG mission.

5 Key Benefits of an ESG Program

Regulatory Compliance

Companies with established ESG targets signal to regulators that they’re putting good faith toward following regulatory guidelines.

Improved Efficiencies

ESG strategies find inefficiencies hiding across a company. Transparency can impact operating expenses across the org.

Employee Engagement

Strong ESG programs help attract and retain employees, enhance motivation by instilling a sense of purpose, and increase productivity.

Customer Loyalty

Customers want to be reassured that they’re supporting companies with a commitment to both their people and the environment.

Company Valuation

Having a focus on ESG demonstrates that a business is lower risk and has good practices, which increases valuation in the eyes of investors.

How KPA Supports Your ESG Goals


KPA provides software, consulting, and training to help ensure you’re minimizing your impact on your local environment. This can span ensuring compliance with environmental regulations to helping develop strategies and best practices for reducing your environmental waste streams.

How KPA Fuels Your Environmental Initiatives


With KPA’s software platform, create custom forms and checklists to track your environmental initiatives. Minimize your potential impact using real-time incident management tools.


KPA software makes it easy to track your environmental and sustainability initiatives.

This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions and to report the status of your ESG initiatives to your internal and external stakeholders.


KPA’s expert environmental consultants help you adhere to regulatory requirements and suggest best practices in key sustainability and EPA-mandated areas.


KPA’s online training helps educate your employees on critical environmental and sustainability topics.


Often called the human side of ESG, the “Social” components of your ESG program are essential for enhancing brand reputation and maintaining employee welfare and morale.

KPA’s 35 years of health and safety experience are here to help you develop an initiative that shows you put people first. Rely on safety program data, comprehensive training library, and usage metrics to demonstrate your organization values people both inside and outside the company.

How KPA Supports Your Social Initiatives


With KPA’s software platform, you can distribute your employee handbook and policies including anti-harassment and discrimination prevention. Every employee provides an e-signature acknowledgement they read and understood each policy.  

In addition, with KPA’s powerful, integrated learning management system, you can easily assign and track training across your organization.


Track training completions and policy acknowledgments in KPA’s platform. Use the data to follow up with employees who are not current on training, or need to read and understand your organization’s policies to ensure 100% compliance.


KPA provides on-call HR consulting services – giving you access to experts who can answer your HR questions.

KPA’s HR consultants are SHRM and PHR certified experts with over 40 years of experience handling recruiting, onboarding, performance management, leave administration, and termination issues. In addition, they provide investigation support for harassment, theft, discrimination, and retaliation claims.


Beyond the full library of safety topics, KPA offers several online training programs to support your organization’s commitment to social values and employee well-being.


Lean on KPA’s comprehensive policy and training libraries along with in-depth reporting to demonstrate that your organization follows good governance practices. This governance spans ethical sales practices, adherence to a comprehensive code of conduct, and audit trails that demonstrate your commitment to good governance.

How KPA Facilitates Your Governance Initiatives


Access a library of expert-developed policy templates spanning areas of ethical workplace behavior like:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Conflicts of Interest Disclosure


In KPA’s safety and compliance management platform, distribute policies to your employees, required them to electronically acknowledge they read and understood them, and track your organizational compliance status.


Our on-call certified HR experts help you navigate issues related to ethical workplace behavior.

And for vehicle dealers, KPA offers ethical sales and regulatory compliance consulting to ensure customer-facing personnel act with integrity and honesty.


KPA provides Ethics in the Workplace training for all employees and management, covering the benefits of ethical behavior in the workplace and specific ways to demonstrate it.

The Data Points the Way

ESG propositions positively impacted equity returns
of the time.
Source: McKinsey
Companies with the highest employee satisfaction had ESG scores
higher than the global average.
Source: Marsh & McLennan
Consumers will be more loyal
more often to a company that supports social or environmental issues.
Source: Forbes

So, how can safety leaders take the lead on ESG initiatives?

KPA’s CEO, Chris Fanning, shares his advice for safety leaders in a recent interview.

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