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How KPA Customers Use EHS Software to Manage Safety from Anywhere

How KPA Customers Use EHS Software to Manage Safety from Anywhere

As companies transition to more distributed workforces, the need to ensure safety has become an even greater priority. For safety professionals who are responsible for safeguarding employees across multiple locations, EHS software can be a valuable tool to not only maintain compliance but also proactively prevent accidents and injuries.

Let’s hear from some KPA customers and learn the benefits they’ve seen using EHS software for their distributed workforces: from meeting regulations and streamlining processes to implementing training initiatives and conducting inspections in real time—all while managing safety from anywhere!

Understanding EHS Software and its Benefits to Distributed Workforces

Distributed workforces require a robust and reliable safety plan that allows for seamless operations across multiple sites. EHS software is an efficient solution for managing compliance with occupational health and industrial requirements, even while working remotely.

EHS software helps companies with employees across job sites or locations save money and improve safety protocols by allowing employees to complete tasks and stay informed about safety information from any location.

“Our field staff are completing more documents overall. They’re submitting documentation daily compared to once a week. The software issues reminders that are immediately visible, and this helps with consistency and safety quite a bit.”

Jesus Miguel, Safety Director
Four Cs Construction
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Managing Safety On-The-Go with Mobile Technology

As the workforce becomes more mobile, prioritizing the safety and protection of your team is crucial. EHS safety software helps keep safety top of mind by empowering teams to monitor safety from anywhere. By utilizing EHS safety software, teams can create safety protocols and track safety data remotely from their smartphones.

This helps combine risk management with proper safety education for all personnel to ensure compliance with safety standards. Besides providing real-time remote access to safety information for all team members, the mobility of this software takes it a step further, allowing supervisors quick access to job sites and allowing them to act fast if issues arise.

Improved communications also lead to shorter response times – making sure safety is always first. With this technology, teams can be confident they are protecting their people no matter where they may go.

“Most folks have some kind of a smartphone or mobile device with them most of the time anyway. We were able to go out, capture that information, and put that in the hands of our teams.”

Dale Golgart, Senior Sales Associate, KPA
Previous Safety Manager for an Oil and Gas Company
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Rolling Out EHS Software to Your Distributed Workforce

Ensuring the safety of workforces across locations or job sites can seem challenging, but EHS software can make it much easier to handle. With only a few clicks, you can establish and monitor safety standards across all locations – no matter how far your employees may be located.

As a result, technology can help protect and empower your workforce by allowing you to stay in control of workplace safety regardless of where they are located.

“To give you an idea of ease-of-use, we had people filling out forms the first day that we had it operational.

Typically, I do 90% of reporting on my phone. This saves a couple of hours each day. If you’re filling out a safety form in the field, you’re done. You don’t have to come back to your desk with your notes and start from scratch.

Safety Manager, GE Johnson

Integrating EHS Software with Your Existing Systems

By integrating EHS software with your existing systems, you can give your remote workforce the tools they need to stay safe and compliant. This type of software can easily integrate with many of the programs already in use by your organization, making it simple to manage workplace safety from anywhere.

You don’t have to worry about having a consistent presence on site for safety tracking and measuring compliance, as the data and reports are accessible from anywhere. Leveraging EHS software is a cost-effective way to maintain visibility for safety management in a remote setting.

“Something that was new (compared to the other safety management providers we have used at least) was the extensive and very well-documented API. This allowed us to integrate KPA EHS into our existing tools and framework so that, for the most part, the user experience for our employees and management stayed consistent.”

Timothy Shaw
Information Success Coordinator

McCumber Well Service

Using EHS Software to Track Training and Compliance

EHS software can be an invaluable safety tool when managing a distributed workforce. It helps ensure safety protocols are being consistently followed, ensures safety training is up to date, and tracks safety certifications.

These features allow organizations to have visibility into their safety compliance requirements, keeping them up-to-date and compliant with regulations. Additionally, with immediate notifications sent out whenever safety protocols are not met, important changes that need to be made to keep everyone safe can be quickly identified and addressed without delay.

“It gives employees a way to engage in that training right from a mobile device and complete those requirements without always having to come back into the office and spend that time in that area. They can do that when they’re out in the field if they’ve got some downtime or whatever the case is. “

Dale Golgart, Senior Sales Associate, KPA
Previous Safety Manager for an Oil and Gas Company
Listen to his interview >>

Keeping Everyone Safe with Automated Alerts and Notifications

Automated alerts and notifications make sure that everyone on the team is aware of any safety issues that may arise, ultimately reducing risks and promoting a culture of safety.

Mobile EHS software also helps remote workforces benefit from things like automated compliance tracking, incident management, record-keeping and more, further solidifying their commitment to safety. With EHS software taking care of the details related to safety, businesses are free to focus on keeping projects moving while still knowing that everyone is taken care of.

“KPA EHS makes it hands-down easier for our team to submit safety observations. By leveraging the power of the mobile application, we always have a to-the-minute, clear picture of potential trouble areas. Then, we can move forward to mitigate those before issues arise.”

Janise Black, Data Analyst, 3S Services
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KPA EHS Software for Distributed Workforces: Managing Safety from Anywhere

EHS software is a valuable tool for companies with distributed workforces looking to maintain compliance and prevent accidents and injuries. With features like mobile access, automation, and integration with existing systems, safety professionals can manage safety from anywhere and ensure the protection of their teams. By leveraging EHS software, organizations can save time and money while improving safety protocols, training initiatives, and real-time inspections. So, if you’re looking to manage safety from anywhere, consider KPA EHS.


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