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How To Move Beyond the Spreadsheet: Here’s What KPA Customers Say

How To Move Beyond the Spreadsheet: Here’s What KPA Customers Say

We’ve mentioned that spreadsheets stink. I don’t think anyone would disagree. Nobody likes troubleshooting that error in cell A95 that has blown up your beautiful reports.

But the real question is where the rubber hits the road – where exactly are safety professionals looking beyond the spreadsheets and leaning on EHS Software? We asked our customers that exact question over in our KPA Connect customer community.

What Used to Be a Spreadsheet or a Paper Form?

At a glance, here’s what the 46 respondents told us:


Inspections came in at the top spot.

These were mostly a mix of safety and equipment inspections. These help you uncover issues and address them with corrective and preventive actions before an incident occurs.

Next came incident reporting.

Being able to both follow a consistent process as well as collect the data you need for both internal and external stakeholders is so important. Real-time incident management tools give you the data you need to track incidents as they occur. This gives you the information you needed to make informed decisions that keep them from happening again.

Training got quite a few mentions as well.

Online training curbs our human tendency to forget. Moving away from spreadsheets for training not only gets you out of that tracking tar pit, but you also get a built-in “nag” – a system that automatically sends recurring reminders and quick refreshers to employees who have completed courses, so critical information about safety, ethics, and legal requirements stay top of mind.

What’s your nastiest spreadsheet?

Where does that error in cell A95 cause you the most heartburn? And the million-dollar question…what could you be doing with your time instead of troubleshooting tedious spreadsheets?

Show us your nastiest spreadsheets – most likely our customers have dealt with this headache as well. We’ve got some great ideas on how to get out of spreadsheet hell.

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