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Interactive US Maps: COVID Workplace Safety Requirements by State

Interactive US Maps: COVID Workplace Safety Requirements by State

As much as we think of COVID-19 as a global crisis, the pandemic’s real story is a regional one. At any given time, certain jurisdictions seem to have things under control, while other locations experience massive community spread, extreme spikes in case numbers, and shortages of medical equipment and hospital beds.

In part, this is how infectious diseases work. The 1918 flu pandemic, for example, hit some places worse than others. But it wasn’t just a matter of luck. The actions of local governments made a difference. Contrast Philadelphia, where a crowded naval parade led to thousands of infections and deaths, with St. Louis, where officials banned public gatherings and were able to flatten the curve.

Of course, the effectiveness of any local mandate depends on people. We each have a responsibility to do what’s right—to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors by treating the pandemic seriously and taking necessary precautions to reduce its spread. And employers have an even greater responsibility as decision-makers for their workforces and stewards of their local communities.

That means the future of your state, county, and city is in your hands. Whether you agree with your local COVID restrictions or not—and let’s be honest, they can be a painyou need to know and obey the law. If you don’t, you could face serious penalties, litigation, operational problems, and other risks. You might even be held partially liable for the next outbreak.

To help you stay on top of the laws that affect your business, KPA and Fisher Phillips have created maps outlining the various COVID restrictions in place across the US. View the maps below to learn what’s required in the state or states in which you do business.

While these resources are current as of the moment uploaded, the laws, regulations, and guidelines on COVID-19 change so swiftly that these materials may become out-of-date almost instantly. While we will endeavor to replace and update these materials on an ongoing basis, these documents should not be used without ensuring they are updated and appropriate for your jurisdiction or industry.

Please note, these surveys only include information about requirements generally applicable to all businesses, including manufacturing and office environments. They do not include requirements pertaining to specific industries (such as healthcare, or restaurants).

And, of course, remember that the information and materials on this site are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

The majority of states require or recommend that employers provide information to their employees about COVID safety in line with federal and local guidelines. The nature and scope of training content varies from state to state, as do training documentation requirements.

Every worker deserves to know how to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. Access 5 free coronavirus training courses.

In certain states—such as New York, Indiana, and North Dakota—employers must develop written COVID control plans, implement COVID prevention and response measures, and/or complete assessments of COVID workplace risks. Other states recommend employers take similar steps. Get the details by interacting with the map above.

 Don’t put your workforce and bottom line at risk. You should have a COVID-19 plan and response team ready regardless of what your jurisdiction requires. Learn more.

Many states require workers to wear face coverings at all times when working in shared physical locations. In other states, workers are required to wear masks in certain circumstances or industries. At minimum, every state recommends people wear face coverings when possible. See what your state requires or recommends by hovering your cursor over the map above.

A workplace face covering policy is a good idea whether your state requires it or not. Learn how to develop one.

Get COVID Workforce Safety and Compliance Assistance Tailored to Your Organization

Need help navigating your state’s COVID rules and regulations? Looking for more detailed information and guidance?

We’re here to help. KPA has the tools, training, and expert consulting you need to keep your employees safe and compliant. Get a demo of our COVID-19 Safety Program.

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