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KPA and Pennsylvania Automotive Association Renew Safety and Compliance Partnership

KPA and Pennsylvania Automotive Association Announce Renewed Workplace Safety Partnership

KPA and Pennsylvania Automotive Association Renew Safety and Compliance Partnership

Lafayette, Colo. – March 23, 2021 – Today, KPA and the Pennsylvania Automotive Association (PAA) announced a renewed partnership dedicated to workplace safety and compliance for PAA’s nearly 1,000 members throughout the state. As a preferred partner of the Pennsylvania Automotive Association, KPA brings automotive-specific expertise across the spectrum of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Human Resources, and Sales/F&I that can help dealers improve safety outcomes, lower compliance risk, and save money.

“Workplace safety has never been more important than in the last year,” said John Devlin, President/CEO of PAA. “The partnership with KPA is part of our effort to educate our members so that their business is protected and can continue to grow.”

KPA provides comprehensive workplace solutions to hundreds of dealers and businesses across Pennsylvania. With a unique combination of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software, safety consulting, and award-winning compliance training, KPA’s Vera Suite helps organizations automate manual processes, increase productivity, improve employee training, and reduce overall risk.

“For over 30 years, KPA has dedicated itself to helping organizations be safe and compliant. For more than 25 years, KPA’s partnership with PAA has been part of that commitment,” said Chris Fanning, President and CEO of KPA. “Together, we can talk about workplace safety in Pennsylvania so that dealership employees are protected and can focus their energies on their jobs.”

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About KPA

KPA provides Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and Workforce Compliance software and services for mid-sized businesses. KPA solutions help clients identify, remedy, and prevent workplace safety and compliance problems across their entire enterprise. The combination of KPA’s Vera Suite platform, EHS consulting services, and award-winning training content helps organizations minimize risk so they can focus on what’s important—their core business. For over 30 years, KPA has helped 10,000 + clients achieve regulatory compliance, protect assets, and retain top talent.

About Pennsylvania Automotive Association

The Pennsylvania Automotive Association (PAA/PTD) is the new car and truck dealers state association, working for over 1,400 members in the automotive industry through legislative and industry representation, educational programs, communications and community relations activities.  

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