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KPA Announces Electric Vehicle Safety & Compliance Solution for Dealerships

KPA Announces Electric Vehicle Safety & Compliance Solution for Dealerships

Westminster, Colo. – October 28, 2022 – Today, KPA, an expert in dealership safety and compliance, unveiled its solution to keep service employees safe as they work with a rapidly growing number of electric vehicles in the market. Broken into three areas of on-site compliance consulting, EV-specific content, and compliance training, KPA’s new EV Safety & Compliance solution will help businesses navigate potential hazards and the relevant regulatory requirements.

“The increased demand for EVs means that businesses from dealerships to collision centers to power sports, need to be ready to safely work with and store EV batteries,” said Micah O’Shaughnessy, CSP, KPA’s Regulatory Project Manager. “As the demand continues to increase and the industry evolves, KPA’s compliance solution will help keep employees safe with the right training, tools, and guidance from our Environmental Health and Safety compliance consultants.”

In order to keep employees safe, KPA’s EV Compliance solution focuses on specific EV-related hazards including:

  • Battery fires: Employees need to know how to look for battery damage and how to safely respond to a fire if one occurs.
  • Electric shock: EV technicians must be trained on high-voltage service work.
  • Shipping requirements: The U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency each have regulations around the safe handling and transportation of EV batteries.
  • Storage/Facility requirements: Some original equipment manufacturers have issued their own requirements for storing EV batteries, including building separate storage facilities or modifying current ones, or leaving a circumference of space around the batteries.
  • Forklifts: Newer and upgraded forklifts need to be used when moving EV batteries, which fall under OSHA’s forklift regulations and training requirements.

KPA’s solution will help businesses and employees prepare their facilities, be informed with the latest information, and document and maintain necessary OSHA compliance with:

  • On-site consulting to discuss EV safety and compliance priorities with management as well as Vera Suite software to record and track issues, corrective actions, due dates, and responsible parties.
  • Access to content including checklists, assessments, and guides for EV preparedness and properly inspecting and shipping batteries.
  • Compliance training about general EV awareness and forklift training as well as identifying battery hazards, problems, and more.

In addition to electric vehicle safety and compliance, KPA offers several other solutions for dealerships and service centers to help them manage workforce and workplace compliance. From Sales F&I compliance with changing Federal Trade Commission rules, and on-site and online compliance consulting, to EPA-approved compliance training on motor vehicle air conditioning, KPA has a comprehensive suite of software, services, and award-winning training to help businesses be safe, protect their reputation, and reduce costs.

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About KPA

KPA helps dealerships improve safety and stay compliant. Trusted by 10,000+ clients, including 8 of the top 10 automobile dealership groups, KPA offers a unique combination of expert Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS), HR, and Sales F&I consulting, software, and training. KPA enables dealers to comply with state and federal regulations and proactively manage programs to reduce costs, minimize risk and increase productivity.

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