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KPA EHS Software Releases Three Microlearning Training Packages

KPA EHS Software Releases Three Microlearning Training Packages

Westminster, Colo. – April 11, 2023 – Today, KPA, a leading Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance company, unveiled three large packages of versatile, short-format compliance training content to help businesses educate and reinforce critical information with employees. Available through KPA EHS software, these microlearning packages are available for General Industry, Manufacturing, and Steel and are comprised of hundreds of micro-topics, like fall protection and hand safety, using different content formats.   

Microlearning Training Packages Reinforce Critical Information with Engaging Content 

“While long-form compliance training content is vital and serves a specific purpose in the workplace, it’s difficult to retain information and change behavior based on one training session. Microlearning is a way to reinforce new information and encourage behavior change through short learning sessions over a duration of time,” stated Shawn Smith, Product Director, Training. “KPA is committed to providing innovative and engaging content and these training packages are another resource for businesses trying to increase employees’ awareness and knowledge and encourage behaviors that create a safe workplace.” 

Businesses will be able to leverage a searchable library of over 700 critical topics. The content within each package ranges in length and format, typically between one to seven minutes in duration, and includes interviews, near misses, incident recreations, toolbox talks, and more. 

Award-winning Training and Configurable KPA EHS Software Lead to Individualized Training Programs 

Working within KPA EHS software’s learning management system, businesses can create learning paths by assigning employees several similar topics over a set amount of time that offer a spaced repetition approach to learning. This approach helps learners absorb, maintain, and internalize information through repetition and reinforcement. Businesses that use KPA EHS software’s customizable training can edit lessons and combine different microlearning topics into one customized lesson.   

“These KPA EHS microlearning packages give businesses the ability to create and design training programs that better suit schedules and create a greater impact,” commented Smith. 

In addition to a robust microlearning content library, KPA EHS has an award-winning online and mobile library of over 400 courses based on real-world scenarios, using interactivity and testing users’ understanding of required concepts. Each course is created to help companies reinforce employee comprehension, improve performance, and increase compliance and safety. As part of KPA’s EHS software, the microlearning packages complement and expand the platform’s robust tools and functions to manage and promote a safe and productive workforce.   

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About KPA 

KPA provides Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) software, consulting, and award-winning online training to help organizations stay compliant with state and federal regulations and maintain a safe and productive workplace. The KPA EHS software platform is easy to use, highly configurable, and designed for a mobile workforce, which encourages broad adoption and an improved culture of safety across the organization.   

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