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KPA Launches New, Configurable Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System

KPA Launches New, Configurable Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System

Lafayette, Colo. – June 14, 2022 – Today, KPA launched SDS Manager, a new capability seamlessly integrated into the KPA EHS software platform. This new capability will provide clients access to over 70 million safety data sheets (SDS) using a very user-friendly interface that will help ensure compliance with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s hazard communication regulations.

“SDS Manager provides easy access to a comprehensive library of SDSs and does so within a highly integrated EHS software platform. SDS users have long desired a streamlined SDS software management tool that is easily and inexpensively customizable, decreases response time finding an SDS related to an employee incident, and ultimately lowers the cost of ownership,” stated Chris Fanning, President and CEO of KPA.  “An inaccessible or out-of-date SDS library can cost a business thousands of dollars in OSHA violations and create indirect costs from employee workers’ compensation claims, lost employee productivity, and hours of labor spent tracking down documents from a manufacturer.”

SDS Manager gives EHS personnel the ability to create a custom SDS library based on the chemicals and hazardous substances present in their facilities. Businesses will be able to quickly update their library whenever a new chemical is introduced to the workplace. And when a manufacturer updates an SDS, that latest version will automatically publish to all KPA client SDS libraries. Time is of the essence when responding to accidental exposure, release, or combustion of hazardous substances. With mobile access, any employee will be able to quickly access an SDS at any time – even when offline. The SDS Manager is complete with pre-populated secondary container labels for Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliance.

As part of the Hazard Communication Standard, OSHA requires any business that stores and exposes workers to hazardous substances must have a safety data sheet for every chemical at the worksite and accessible within five minutes in the event of exposure. Hazard Communication is consistently in the top five of OSHA’s most-cited violations and maintaining proper chemical labels and keeping an SDS library updated are among common violations.

“As we researched SDS offerings in the market and Managers’ needs, it was clear that the current solutions stopped short of being comprehensive and affordable. Users are looking for something easy to use and fully integrated into an overall compliance and EHS solution, which is our goal with SDS Manager,” said Jade Brainard, KPA Product Director.

SDS Manager enhances KPA’s comprehensive EHS Software solution that is designed and tailored to each business’s unique needs. The platform provides all the necessary tools needed to manage and promote a safe and productive workplace in one system. Safety professionals rely on the platform to manage incidents, provide reporting insights, conduct mobile-enabled inspections, and manage employee compliance training.

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About KPA

KPA provides Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) software, consulting, and award-winning online training to help organizations stay compliant with state and federal regulations and maintain a safe and productive workplace. The KPA EHS software platform is easy to use, highly configurable, and designed for a mobile workforce, which encourages broad adoption and an improved culture of safety across the organization.

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