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Concrete Manufacturing Safety Training

There are many hazards in concrete operations and manufacturing, from dust and debris to mobile equipment and driver safety. Employers in this industry are required by agencies such as OSHA to protect their employees with training specific to these hazards.

KPA’s Subscription to Safety Platform contains industry-specific content filmed in concrete facilities—just like yours. Keep your employees safe with KPA’s video-based safety training designed specifically for concrete operations and manufacturing.

concrete and cement plant

Workers at concrete manufacturing plants face multiple dangers:

• Exposure to cement dust or wet concrete
• Potential contact with hazardous materials and substances
• Use of heavy equipment
• Confined space risks
• Maneuvering heavy, awkward machinery
Understanding these risks and having a comprehensive safety training program in place to safeguard your employees is critical to ensuring the safe and productive operation of your facilities.

Washing A Cement Truck

Avoid Risks and Prevent Injuries with the Subscription to Safety Platform

KPA’s Subscription to Safety Platform delivers a complete safety training program designed to educate your employees on how to avoid risk at your concrete manufacturing facilities to help prevent injuries and fatalities.
The Subscription to Safety Platform includes an annual subscription to 12 monthly safety videos produced and delivered to your organization throughout the year. These videos are designed to satisfy most of OSHA’s annual safety training requirements.

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A Unique Approach

This engaging training is developed specifically for concrete organizations using a mix of interviews with injured workers, accident and near-miss recreations, and hazard recognition exercises. KPA films in active facilities on a regular basis and recreates many of our customers’ accidents and near misses.

Sample Courses

Subscription to Safety training is specifically developed for concrete operations, covering topics such as:

Subscription to Safety Training Catalog for the Concrete Industry

KPA’s training catalog offers award-winning training courses that are available online and onsite and are led by our safety Risk Management Consultants. The courses, based on real-world scenarios and examples, are designed to help employees improve both their job performance and compliance.
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