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Most Popular Safety Articles from 2021

Most Popular Safety Articles from 2021

Here’s what your peers are reading on the KPA blog. Stay up to speed on the latest insights.

Can you believe it’s halfway through 2021 already?!? What’s seemed like a whirlwind of months doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down any time soon.

I bet you’re as busy as I am, so let me save you some time.

I’ve pulled together a short list of must-reads for you, based on what your peers are reading on the KPA blog. While we’re incredibly proud of the articles we share on a weekly basis, there are only so many hours a day. It’s hard to stay up to speed on all of them. We get it.

Here’s what your peers are reading.

OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Violations of 2020

OSHA’s top 10 violations of 2020 can help your organization prioritize your workforce safety and compliance program direction for a safer workplace.

Manufacturing Safety Topics to Cover at Safety Meetings

What manufacturing safety topics should you cover to ensure workforce safety & compliance? Here are 11 options for your next manufacturing safety meeting.

7 Benefits of a Successful Housekeeping Program

Housekeeping isn’t just good for your people and your soul—it’s good for your bottom line. How does cleanliness mean money? Let’s count the ways.

Working Safely During COVID-19

As much as I wish we didn’t have to cover this topic any more, COVID hasn’t disappeared from the horizon.

We’ve pulled together some helpful maps too.

Ok, that should help you stay up to speed.

With 6 more months ahead of us, let’s finish 2021 strong and keep our workforces safe!

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