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New Office Features State-of-the-Art Space for KPA’s Compliance Training Team

KPA Pittsburgh Office Green Room

New Office Features State-of-the-Art Space for KPA’s Compliance Training Team

Pittsburgh, Penn. – June 1, 2022 – Today, KPA opened a new office space devoted to developing, executing, and distributing compliance training content. The 4,377 square foot space in the Green Tree area of Pittsburgh will enhance the KPA team’s ability to use various media, from animation and video to editing and collaborative tools that allow team members to work together and with clients regardless of physical location.

KPA’s online training courses include a variety of modules from real-life scenarios in the field, and simulated examples using animation to more standardized and guided learning modules. The new space comes equipped with a green screen studio for filming and hardware to preview effects and broadcast live from the studio. A remote team member can participate in a live filming session using this new hardware. The office design is open and inviting to encourage employees and clients to work together, from planning meetings to filming and editing. For those clients that receive physical copies of training courses, a mailroom was constructed to help with processing and shipping DVDs.

KPA Pittsburgh Office Green Room
The Pittsburgh office features a green screen room for filming KPA's compliance training course content.

“KPA’s compliance training is one of the biggest differentiators when it comes to Environment, Health and Safety software and services,” said Shawn Smith, Product Director, Training. “To have a space conducive to the production and design of those learning modules, regardless of the team’s geographic location, means we can produce higher quality content faster. It also motivates our team and will only help us achieve greater quality, efficiency, and creativity in our production.”

An Expert Team of Content Developers Develops Engaging, User-Centric Compliance Training

KPA's Pittsburgh Office Opening
The KPA Pittsburgh team following the ribbon cutting ceremony.

KPA’s training team consists of over a dozen videographers, editors, training content development specialists, animators, and quality assurance managers. “Teamwork is the key to our success and allows us to produce several topics every quarter,” said Kyle Morton, Lead Editor.

The KPA training team utilizes cutting-edge equipment and techniques to collaboratively produce training. Although primarily located in Pittsburgh, members of the team can be found in Colorado and Oregon, making the need for cross-collaboration vital.

Award-winning Training Content Helps Businesses Meet Regulatory Requirements, Build Safe Workplaces

With an online and mobile library of over 400 courses, KPA’s compliance training has been consistently named among Training Industry, Inc.’s top Health and Safety Training Company and Online Learning Library for the last several years.

KPA’s training programs are based on real-world scenarios, using interactivity and testing users’ understanding of required concepts. Each course is created to help companies reinforce employee comprehension, improve performance, and increase compliance and safety.

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About KPA 

KPA provides Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and Workforce Compliance solutions for a wide range of businesses. Offering a unique combination of software, consulting services, and award-winning training, KPA helps organizations minimize risk so they can focus on what’s important—their core business. For over 30 years, KPA has helped 10,000 + clients comply with regulations, reduce costs, and increase productivity. 

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