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Pop Quiz: Chemical Spills and Leaks

“Gross—what is that?”

Whether in the workplace or your home kitchen, a mysterious spill is a cause for alarm. At best, it’s a case of the kids getting into the molasses jar. At worst, it’s the prelude to a different kind of case—a legal case involving the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and/or the survivors of a toxic waste disaster.

In either situation, you need to have plans in place for both spill prevention and cleanup. Smart controls, as well as a swift response in the event of an accident, can help you avoid the significant expenses of dealing with chemical exposure in the workplace—or retiling your floor. The same goes for leaks and explosions.

Do you know how to effectively prevent spills, leaks, and other forms of toxic chemical exposure? Can your organization mobilize quickly in the event of an emergency? Do you know everything you need to know about safety data sheets (SDSs)? Find out by taking KPA’s Chemical Spills and Leaks Pop Quiz.

Each quiz question below is adapted from material in our training resources. See if you can answer these real safety and compliance questions correctly.

For more workplace safety resources, check out the KPA Insights library. But be sure to wash your hands first.

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