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Pop Quiz: Flammable & Combustible Liquids

Flammable and combustible liquids like oil, gas, kerosene, and solvents present unique fire hazards. They give off invisible vapors that can travel long distances and catch fire quickly or explode when ignited by something as small as a static discharge. Safety matters! 

So, do you know the basics of working with flammable and combustible liquids? Find out with this quick quiz. Each quiz question below is adapted from material in our training resources. See if you can answer these real safety and compliance questions correctly.

How’d you do? Were you able to stay cool, or did you go up in flames? Don’t worry—we won’t be grading you on this. But if you got anything less than a perfect score, it’s a sign that your people and business could be in serious trouble, so be sure to contact us.

KPA offers the training, tools, and expertise to ensure your entire workforce can safely work with flammable liquids (and lots of other nasty stuff).

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