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Pop Quiz: Shop Safety

There’s nowhere like the shop. Whether it’s used for metal fabrication, woodworking, printmaking, sewing, ceramics—or all, some, or none of the above—the shop is a magical place where ideas become objects, where projects literally take shape.

However, while the shop giveth, the shop can taketh away. Anywhere there’s heavy machinery, potential dangers exist. Common risks in the shop include falling, electrocution, being struck by an object, and being caught in between objects. You probably already know how to avoid those risks—i.e. by safeguarding machines and reducing trip hazards such as air hoses, extension cords, and oils. But do you know the rest of your shop safety basics? Find out by taking KPA’s General Shop Safety Pop Quiz.

Each quiz question is adapted from our training in our training catalog. See if you can answer these real compliance questions correctly.

For more workplace safety resources, visit our one-stop shop: the KPA Resource Library.

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Toby Graham

Toby manages the marketing communications team here at KPA. She's on a quest to help people tell clear, fun stories that their audience can relate to. She's a HUGE sugar junkie...and usually starts wandering the halls looking for cookies around 3pm daily.

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