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Protecting Your Data: Why Partnering With SOC Compliant Vendors Matters

Protecting Your Data: Why Partnering With SOC Compliant Vendors Matters

In today’s digital age, the security of sensitive data is more important than ever, making it critical to partner with SOC compliant vendors to ensure that your data remains protected.

What is SOC Compliance?

SOC compliance refers to the set of standards and regulations that companies must adhere to in order to ensure the security, availability, and confidentiality of their customers’ data. SOC (System and Organization Controls) compliance is a widely recognized framework that is used to address the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. Companies that are SOC compliant have implemented a series of controls and procedures to ensure that their customers’ data is secure and protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, and misuse. In this way, SOC compliance helps to build trust between businesses and their customers, and it is increasingly becoming a requirement for companies operating in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and technology.

Why work with a SOC Compliant Vendor?

Working with a vendor who is certified SOC compliant can bring several benefits to your business. SOC compliance ensures that the vendor has established and implemented adequate controls to protect sensitive data and assets. By partnering with a SOC compliant vendor, businesses can ensure that their data is handled securely, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. Additionally, SOC compliance provides a level of transparency to the vendor’s operations, making it easier for businesses to assess their vendor’s risk management policies. Overall, working with a SOC compliant vendor can provide assurance that the vendor is taking the necessary steps to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive information.

KPA Products and SOC Compliance

When you choose KPA, you’re partnering with a team that not only provides cutting-edge solutions but also adheres to the highest industry standards for security. And so, we’re thrilled to share that KPA Products have achieved SOC II Type 2 Compliance:


KPA Flex

Vera Suite

Risk Management Center


Our SOC compliance underscores our unwavering commitment to your security and effectively and actively providing you with:

  • Security: Your data and systems are fully protected against unauthorized access and disclosure.
  • Availability: We ensure uninterrupted access to your vital resources and services.
  • Confidentiality: Your confidential information remains secure at all times.


As KPA’s valued customer, you get a trusted partner that not only provides top-notch compliance solutions but also adheres to the highest industry standards for security. Your peace of mind is our priority.


Benefits from Partnering with a SOC Compliant Vendor like KPA

Partnering with a vendor who is SOC compliant can bring many benefits to your organization.

  • SOC compliance demonstrates that the vendor has implemented strong security and privacy controls, which can help protect your data and assets.
  • It can help your organization meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties.
  • Working with a SOC compliant vendor can also help build trust with your customers and partners, as it demonstrates your commitment to security and privacy.

By partnering with a SOC compliant vendor like KPA, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is in good hands and focus on achieving your business goals.

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