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States that Offer Workers Comp Reductions for Safety Programs

Toby Graham

States that Offer Workers Comp Reductions for Safety Programs

Did you know that your workplace safety program can save you money on your workers’ compensation insurance premium?

Depending on where you do business, your state may allow you to claim a discount on your workers’ comp expenses.

Check it out:

As of this writing, 15 states have mandated specific premium reductions for employers that have approved safety and health plans or programs. If you do business in any of these states and you’ve got a solid safety program in place, you can save money on workers’ comp.

Some states offer a modest (2–5%) discount, while others allow you to lower your workers’ comp expenses by as much as 25%. Either way, any reduction can save your business thousands of dollars annually.

(By the way, this information comes from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s “Safety and Health Programs in the States” white paper, which you can download here.)

It’s yet another reason to invest in a good safety program.

But even if your state doesn’t offer a discount, a well-functioning safety program will nonetheless help you reduce your workers’ comp costs. Fewer incidents mean a lower experience modifier, which means a lower manual premium—or, in non-insurance speak, more cash in your pocket. We’re talking about numbers like $25,000 per year.

KPA offers the safety and compliance software platform, training, and consulting services you need to minimize accidents and maximize your bottom line. Ask us how we can help you save money on workers’ compensation.

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