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The Latest Opinions on ESG: Three Articles to Keep You Up To Speed

The Latest Opinions on ESG: Three Articles to Keep You Up To Speed

Here’s an eye-popping stat to start the day off right…yesterday alone there were 2,400 articles published on the topic of ESG. There’s NO way to keep up with all the research and opinions circulating on the topic. But we’ve selected three that may just help:

Gartner: Four Ways to Win On ESG Goals

This article from Gartner is great for companies looking for advice on where to start their ESG journey. For anyone struggling with the topic, it does a great job of describing Materiality Assessments (one of the key things you’ll need to do along your way to becoming an ESG expert). All in all, the article covers some solid steps to building a comprehensive ESG program.

EHS Today: Meeting ESG Goals is Proving to be Difficult

Taking a look at all the headlines out there, tons of ESG articles focus on ESG investing or ESG ratings. This one hits on topics closer to home for EHS practitioners. It’s a collection of good news and bad…with “51% of executives agree that their company should address ESG issues — even if doing so reduces short-term financial performance.” But then “Only a quarter (27%) of companies have any enterprise-wide ESG KPIs in place, and fewer still have a full set in place (just 3%), according to the survey.” The article closes with some suggestions to overcome barriers to delivering on ESG goals.

HBR: Yes, Investing in ESG Pays Off

I’m a sucker for a good HBR article. This one debunks the perceived trade-off between choosing a more sustainable future and achieving business growth and profit. As in most HBR articles, not only does it cover big problems encountered in dealing with ESG, it proposes solutions for overcoming them.

How KPA Helps Support Your ESG Goals

KPA’s here to help by providing consulting, software, and training to align with your ESG mission.


KPA provides consulting and training to help ensure you’re minimizing your impact on your local environment. This can span ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, to helping develop strategies and best practices for reducing your environmental waste streams.


KPA’s 35 years of health and safety experience will help you develop an initiative that shows you put people first. Rely on safety program data, comprehensive training library, and usage metrics to demonstrate your organization values people both inside and outside the company.


Lean on KPA’s comprehensive policy and training libraries along with in-depth reporting to demonstrate your organization follows good governance practices. This is governance that spans ethical sales practices, adherence to a comprehensive code of conduct, and audit trails that demonstrate your commitment to good governance.

KPA’s technology and expertise can help you make successful strides toward fulfilling your ESG mission.

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