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These are the Most Popular Training Topics According To KPA Clients

These are the Most Popular Training Topics According To KPA Clients

When it comes to safety and compliance, comprehensive EHS and HR training is a must. As workplace environments advance and shift over time, training needs are changing too.

We are paying attention to what training courses companies are using and what they wish they had access to within their training programs.

We have gathered data across industries to get a snapshot of current workplace safety and compliance training course uses, what leaders are looking to get out of their training programs, and what we see for the future of EHS and HR training.

The data used in this report was gathered through a study conducted by KPA in Fall 2021. We polled users across our Vera Suite, Risk Management Center, KPA EHS, and Subscription to Safety products. Six hundred sixty-five users participated in the study.

You can grab your own copy of the study results here. 

Or, even better, listen to the head of our training team discuss the survey results in detail.

What the Data Shows

Throughout 2021, we kept a keen eye on which focus areas were most popular for our users. According to the data, the top focus areas for 2021 were Harassment Prevention, Physical Safety, Equipment Safety, and Illness Prevention training.

Physical Safety

Training to avoid hazardous situations and injuries is a critical element to keeping a safe and healthy workforce, and it can save companies a lot of money down the road. In 2021, training related to physical safety was a high priority. Hazard Communication Awareness, Personal Protective Equipment Awareness, and Emergency Response training courses ranked highest for hazard and emergency preparedness. Back Injury Prevention and Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention were the most viewed courses for avoiding injuries.


Anti-harassment training courses are an integral part of a successful HR training regiment. As a multifaceted issue that spans all industries and affects each department of a company, anti-harassment training programs help to ensure a safe and enjoyable workplace for your employees. Furthermore, they can help to prevent expensive litigation. In 2021 anti-harassment training was one of the most viewed training courses.

Equipment Safety

Learning to follow proper equipment safety protocol is essential to keeping your employees safe and your equipment in working condition. Equipment safety training courses were in high demand in 2021. At the top of the list were Fire Extinguisher Safety, Defensive Driving, and Lockout/Tagout Awareness.

Illness Prevention

As the COVID-19 pandemic wore on in 2021, illness prevention training courses continued to be as vital as ever. Illness prevention training was a popular aspect of companies’ plans to keep workers happy and healthy. The most viewed illness prevention training courses were COVID-19 General Awareness Training, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Heat Illness Prevention.

What Does the Future Hold for Workforce Training?

I’ll sound like a 1950’s TV announcer here. But tune in next week – we’ll dive into what safety professionals are looking for in workforce training. And we’ll be asking training experts how start thinking about training in the future.

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