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Top 10 Training Courses in 2022

Henry Ford’s famous for the quote, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” So, hats off to KPA customers – in 2022, our customers completed over 4.75 million online training courses. Boggles the mind doesn’t it?

Curious about what made the top 10? Here’s the list:

What do these topics cover?

Learn more about these top 10 courses, and watch a quick snippet.

Bloodborne Pathogens

This training covers protection against common types of bloodborne pathogens, situations where pathogens pose a hazard, and protection. Other course topics include personal protective equipment (PPE), the Hepatitis B vaccine, and incident response.

Heat Illness Prevention

This training covers the common types of heat illness and how those working in hot ennvironments can avoid them. It includes warning signs, how to respond in an emergency, steps you can take to lower your risk, and common controls.

Fire Safety

Prepare your workforce to effectively respond to a fire emergency with KPA’s industry-specific online Fire Prevention training. It outlines the different uses and types of fire extinguishers, fire prevention strategies, and emergency action plans.

Personal Protective Equipment Awareness

This training covers the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE), employee responsibilities to properly use and care for it, and an overview of the most common types. Topics include proper use, inspection, maintenance, and storage practices.

Anti-Harassment Training

This HRCI-approved training for employees defines inappropriate behavior and unlawful harassment in the workplace. It provides strategies on recognizing and preventing harassment as well as how to appropriately report it.

Hazard Communication Awareness

This general awareness training covers how information about hazardous materials is communicated in the workplace. The course includes how to read hazard labels and safety data sheets as well as the importance of the written program and training.

Driver Safety Series: Defensive Driving

This training covers safe driving habits, blind spots, following distances, driving at night, adverse weather conditions, and sharing the road.

Hearing Protection

This awareness-level training goes over the common elements of a hearing conservation plan. It also includes the hazards of noise overexposure and how to use hearing protection properly.

Lockout/Tagout General Awareness

This training describes the importance and elements of Lockout/Tagout programs. It includes shutdown steps, audit procedures, and the identification and control of hazardous energy sources in the workplace.

First Aid

This course discusses what employees should do and not do when someone is sick or injured, and how to determine when they should call for emergency assistance.

Want to improve your organization’s training program as quickly and cost-effectively as possible?

You’ve come to the right place. KPA offers award-winning training courses that are…

  • available online and on-site, led by our safety Risk Management Consultants,
  • designed to help employees improve their performance on the job and improve compliance,
  • based on real-world stories and examples.

Check out more sample topics in our training library. 

Or, contact us for help putting together an effective training program for your organization.

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