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Top Mobile Apps for EHS Programs

Top Mobile Apps for EHS Programs

Want to know what mobile apps safety professionals should be using in 2020, 2021, and beyond? Looking for new ways to save time, money, and lives at your organization? You’ve come to the right place.

We know workplace safety apps—because we’re building and using them every day. Working alongside the organizations we serve, we’ve seen firsthand the power of reliable EHS mobile apps in preventing and reducing losses. When injuries and incidents can happen at any time, in any location, it’s crucial to have workplace health and safety information within reach.

The best environment, health, and safety mobile apps are more than conveniences—they’re essential tools for keeping people safe, minimizing risk, and maximizing workforce productivity.

Here are 15 of our favorite EHS mobile apps for EHS practitioners:

Vera EHS

Automate your organization’s manual processes, reduce injuries and risks, and manage safety in one comprehensive EHS software platform. Vera EHS includes everything you need to ensure workplace safety and compliance, with audit and inspection tools, quick and easy accident reporting, online training courses, recordkeeping, document capture, and much more.

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Download it: Apple | Andriod

NIOSH Sound Level Meter

Help your workforce avoid hearing loss by measuring environmental noise levels. NIOSH’s free mobile app for iPhone and iOS devices provides detailed, expert-validated acoustics data as well as a library of noise safety information. (Although the app isn’t available for Android devices, Sound Meter offers some of the same functionality.)

Download it: Apple


Keep track of your inventory of face masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment , so you can manage equipment burn rate and stay ahead of shortages.

Download it: Apple | Android

OSHA NIOSH Heat Safety

Keep your workforce cool and prevent heat-related illnesses with this free mobile app from NIOSH and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Features include hourly forecasts, a real-time heat index, heat safety recommendations, information about symptoms, first aid procedures, and more.

Download it: Apple | Android

Ladder Safety

Avoid one of the most common workplace safety hazards with this award-winning EHS app from NIOSH. The app contains numerous ladder safety capabilities, such as an angle measuring tool, considerations for ladder selection, setup instructions, and more.

Download it: Apple | Android


Get critical information about hazardous materials in freight. First responders throughout the US and Canada rely on AskRail to stay informed, respond to incidents, and keep themselves and others safe.

Download it: Apple | Android


Be prepared for any emergency with this personal safety app. Noonlight securely stores and transmits information between people and connected systems to ensure lightning-fast emergency response.

Download it: Apple | Android

First Aid: American Red Cross

Get the information you need to provide life-saving support in the event of an accident, toxic exposure event, or another workplace emergency.

Download it: Apple | Android


Stay informed during severe weather events and other emergencies with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s official mobile app.

Download it: Apple | Android


Get up-to-date public health news and information with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official mobile app.

Download it: Apple | Android


Keep your workers safe during extreme weather events and plan ahead for potential disruptions with the most accurate weather forecasting app available.

Download it: Apple | Android


See real-time information about air quality and safety with IQAir’s essential app, which draws from over 10,000 monitoring stations throughout the world. Features include 7-day forecasts, air quality maps, indoor and outdoor air monitoring, data visualizations, and health recommendations, and much more.

Download it: Apple | Android

Google Maps

There are plenty of web mapping, transportation, and navigation apps available today, but for our money, Google Maps is the most accurate, useful, and accessible.

Download it: Apple | Android


Store, organize, and share workplace safety documents easily with this ever-popular note-taking app. (Don’t love Evernote? Give Box, Microsoft OneNote, or another alternative a try.)

Download it: Apple | Android


Stay secure and keep confidential information protected with this easy-to-use password management app.

Download it: Apple | Android

Get Mobile EHS Software and Consulting Tailored to Your Organization

KPA has the tools, training, and expert consulting you need to protect your people and business. Our solutions are mobile-ready and available on-demand—on-site or remotely.

KPA is a market leader in occupational health and safety software. We’re also home to a team of safety and compliance experts who provide inspection and consulting services to organizations throughout the United States. Discover how easy workplace safety can be with KPA. Get a demo.

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